ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons ft. Kid Rock – Guitar Moves – Episode 12

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ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons sits down with Guitar Moves’ host Matt Sweeney to share some secrets.

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Guitar Moves, hosted by Matt Sweeney, is a show where the viewer gets an opportunity to sit in on a private, interesting, and hilarious conversation about guitars, music, life, and craft. During the season, Sweeney and his guests play through licks, riffs, and solos that inform their style, influence their playing, and define their sound.

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21 thoughts on “ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons ft. Kid Rock – Guitar Moves – Episode 12

  1. I never thought I would see the guy from Joe Dirt rock out to Tina Turner with Billy Gibbons…………

  2. When you can just break out in a SONG like Kid…🙇🏻‍♀️🔍🤔💨🥰💃🏻🔥. Wow. That’s Talent!

  3. Matt Sweeney has 10x the talent Kid Rock does, he can motor, play any style.

    And he’s obviously a terrible host… if Sweeney had to ask for a beverage.

    He was part of the band that backed Iggy with Josh Homme, Alan Yohannes. A student of music and a great interviewer

  4. Maybe just Maybe you guys should start all over again and perform on STAR SEARCH- If you win round 1 you can move on to round 2.

  5. Bibi Pool boy from Noho but he had plenty ride dude..l.Dvce Yahley The SHelily or was that Tareq Seikaly oh Tardick! they did 911 loop time to steal mr muddy water country for the hick saws and there sauce..

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