Will A Squier Hold Value Over Time? Riff City Guitars Closing

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34:30 Will A Squier Hold Value Or Increase In value Over The Years?
39:58 Riff City closing

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1:10 I helped set a world record and played infant of 20,000 people

2:00 I did a video for Stew Mac on their channel.
(it was a huge honor)

4:00 Thank you so much Justin Mabe.

6:58 I will be at Summer NAMM
8:40 The Headphones at Rockin 1000
10:15 Did I meet Dan?
12:08 A Big Shout out to Steve Stine
13:22 Should You go to Guitar Center or Sam Ash for repairs?
16:42 What rig would I get for under a thousand dollars?
18:33 What would I replace rob tuners on a Gibson
19:58 Do you press your children towards music?
22:08 My favorite Les Paul years for the price?
23:32 How important is it to get a deal?
25:45 Have I ever turned a guitar into a piece of art?
27:16 Do string trees adjust intonation?
29:48 How come every You Tuber reviews Harley Benton?
32:38 The events from Germany and boredom
34:30 Will A Squier Hold Value Or Increase In value Over The Years?
37:02 Henning Pauly does not allow boredom. lol
37:59 Companies that are trying to do the opposite of Gibson
39:58 Riff City closing
42:20 Sanding the neck?
46:55 What does floor model mean in a music store?
48:50 What do you think of PRS basses?
50:00 Shipping guitars and CITES paperwork
51:29 Have I ever played a Gibson RD?
52:20 Thoughts on Warmoth the good and bad?
1:02:21 The Harley Benton 2×12 cabinet
1:04:07 Companies who raise prices when You Tubers do videos
(Let Me Know)
1:05:30 A big thank you to everyone who helps me make this channel.

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24 thoughts on “Will A Squier Hold Value Over Time? Riff City Guitars Closing

  1. 42.30ish about sanding lacquer off of Greco Strat-Neck. Get Scotch Brite. A lot of it. Thats what i use on any and all finishes.

  2. I found a Telluride acoustic electric guitar. It sounds and plays great with great tone. I can’t find any info on them

  3. Just throwing this in the mix aswell: Do you think the new vintera series is a good grab? I'm looking to finally get my first Fender after putting it off for far far too long, and I noticed they just released that new line, but never owning a fender before, I'm not sure how it stacks up to other series they have. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for never talking about politics! Holy crap! It's rough navigating through YouTube these days. Your channel is my biggest escape from all the garbage out there in the world. Keep up the good work!!!🤘🏼😀🤘🏼

  5. Have you still got that guitar you made with the bottle cap opener on it?  Like to see you play that

  6. I don't know the answer to the rhetorical question, but my Squier Strat is now 33 years old, and still looks good. I put a DiMarzio in the bridge when I bought it in 1986, but the other two pickups are stock. It sounds good, and I don't much care what it's worth.

  7. Some Squires actually appreciate as they have become collectibles. People love their Squires (me included)

  8. Sanding or scuffing the varnish or finish 🤓. 3M makes some products that are great for finishing surfaces, these are from Grainger Industrial Supply: https://www.grainger.com/search/abrasives/sanding-hand-pads-and-sponges/sanding-hand-pads?sst=1&ts_optout=true&searchQuery=3m+pad
    ACE Hardware carries or will get these same items for you.
    Happy sanding, I find the pads are a lot better at concave to convex complex curves like guitar necks & the slightly worn pads are great for that light scuffing. ⚓️

  9. Just watched your StewMac video and realized I've bought all the tools you used from SM over the years of watching your videos. I especially like that little screwdriver kit. Anyway, I used your method combined with some info from an SM video and adjusted a Strat I've had for years to sound much better. Thanks, Phil.

  10. If you want to encourage your newborn kids to play music, just play all sorts of different music around them when really young and even in the womb. Thats the best thing you can do. Putting pressure on your kids wont go well sometimes, you'll want them to play guitar when what they were really meant for is piano. Lead by example. Write or cover songs for them and if you're any good they'll want to copy you.

  11. I would like to say this not to sound like I'm crapping on the hold a guitar holding its value I did. I get that some people want to get high to be worth more when they are through with it then it was when they purchase it. For as long as I have been playing guitar with started in 1972 up until now, my only value for my guitars as if I like the way they sound and if I play them. I had one of the original 1984 Randy Rhoads guitars. I ordered without the whammy bar from Jackson Guitars. I got a lot of offers for that guitar over the years but when I finally got rid of it I just took $1,000 and hope the guy was happy. I was offered more by some people but I knew they would never play it they would just park it somewhere. And I got a lot of pleasure playing that guitar. I only got rid of it because it just wasn't versatile it was a metal guitar and it was good for about two or three sounds. And after 20 some odd years I was tired of it. So it had no real value to me at all. At least not to where I would sit around and try to get the most money I could for it. To me the guitar was done. so whether or not that Squier holds value to me as a person who just loves to play my own songs, sit in with the local bands for free most the time because I know they're working musicians and I'm a school teacher. But if I had that Squier if it was no longer inspirational to me I would either sell it I'll let someone auction off for some charity for some musicians who lost all his stuff in a car crash or fire or whatever

  12. It would be great if you would have a Thomann affiliate link. This way I could support your channel just by doing what I do anyways ( spending money at Thomann)

  13. I wanted to answer a question in the chat replay, Mick Mars had many different rig setups over the years but in the early days he used jose modded plexi marshals with an ehx lpb1 booster in front with his les paul custom.

  14. Thank you for saying what you said about the techs at a chain store. As many great experiences you have had with Sam Ash, I can speak from experience, I had a horrible experience with some nasty techs at the Sam Ash in Queens NY. It actually made me never want to shop at a Sam Ash ever again(Damaged Vintage guitar and a stolen vintage bridge). I have since has that guitar repaired and refinished by some fantastic techs at my local shops in Wisconsin, so yeah….you want good work, start with the guys who work in a local shop.

  15. Phil, when you do the 'sanding the neck' video … please cover the issue about sanding and destroying guitar resale value, it's a one way trip and if you don't like it sanded off too bad, and instead an option to use high grit (800gr+) to put a satin feel to the back of the neck instead — that can be polished with higher grits back to factory polish and then sold. Just a satin level often fixes the 'stickiness' of the original finish. Also, to use masking tape to protect areas at the heel and headstock with crisp lines rather than looking like a ten year old sanded the finish off.

  16. I get the feeling Phil is looking out for our community when it comes to gear. No. I KNOW he is looking out for us. Phil ur one hell of a guy. Thanx Mr. McKnight for all u do.

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