What's Better Cheap Or Expensive Guitars?

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34 thoughts on “What's Better Cheap Or Expensive Guitars?

  1. I equate the same with motorcycles I own. The better one is the one I like to ride the most. If I ride my cheap 750 Honda because I like it, It's better for me than a $25,000 Harley. So you're right, it really doesn't matter the price, it all boils down to the one you use the most. Same holds true with guitars I own.

  2. I owned 3 epi les pauls.and when I got my 1st real giby,I felt like the only good thing was resale value.It still needed a good setup, I still wanted to upgrade the pickups, and still upgraded the tuners. The epiphone's already come with Grover's. The lesson is I should have just got another Epiphone Les Paul and upgraded the pickups. I'll probably end up selling the Gibson and buying a white Epi Les Paul Custom.

  3. Hi Phil.What a great explanation you just shared.Ive been pondering this question for a while now.I have a lot of cheap guitars as well as a deluxe players strat,an American standard strat,a Gibson lp 60s tribute and some prs se guitars and when I perform my self consciousness sets in if I’m using say a squier and I wonder if someone is thinking What a crap guitar.You just set me straight about the crap that doesn’t matter anyway so thanks mate.

  4. Great vid Phillip but there are people full of envy just because they can't afford a high end guitar they hate on the guys that do and vice versa .

  5. My first electric guitar I bought in February after not playing for 26 years was a well made China SSS strat copy at USD62.00 only, superb workmanship with cheap electronics so I have replaced the tone cap, I use it to relearn to see if I am able to start all over again and I did seeing that I can start playing chord based songs from CCR and some others, and then just two months ago I bought my HSS type 22 frets Yamaha Pacifica 112V with alder body and alnico pickups for USD330.00 with coil tap option for SSS or HSS PU mode and then I replaced the cheap tone cap which actually can be found in more expensive branded guitars to Cornell Dubilier Orange Drops cap which cost just USD5.00, so with that kind of upgraded specs I am not spending on thousands of dollars more just because of another flashier brand of which this Yamaha model can just be equaled to anything over twice its price and yet now I actually have three guitars because of the coil tap feature of PAC112V and next I will be replacing the cheap China strat with a HH scratch plate at USD13.00 so I am having both that will cover anything from pop to metal if I so wish.

  6. My best friend and I both have expensive guitars but his wife bought him this seafoam green made in china Strat copy that is amaizing. everything about it is perfect. The setup, the fretboard, it stays in tune seemingly forever and sounds great. It's easy to play! Sometimes a cheap guitar can be great fun. You really have to check them out in person if you can.

  7. I just don't understand why a Gibson guitar at $1200 is so rough around the edges and not so great, and then you find guitars for 6-7-800 dollars that are sanded, finished and all the bells and whistles. I'm trying to find out why that is.

  8. What does matter is if you buy a guitar manufactured in china you automatically give support to the chinese empire, who again gains more and more power over the world… I could go on way longer but I'm not going to write a new bible…

  9. Yeah the new Ibanez 30th Anniversary JEM777 guitars are really flipping expensive, but the guitar works for me and I love her! (It’s funny because I don’t really play crazy Steve Vai licks on her, just simple chords and solos..)

  10. He says one of his expecations is for a guitar to stay in tune. That's crazy talk. They never even get in tune. You have to tune each note as you play it with your left hand. The guitar won't do it for you.

  11. My Gibson SG ….stays in cupboard – My plywood , aluminum block , Canora pce of junk 60$ – feels better…sounds great and gets used …

  12. One of my criteria when I first started collecting was that the guitar wasn't black! As I already owned 3 black guitars. I picked up an Italia branded semi acoustic off ebay as I was looking for a gretsch styled guitar without the price tag. Sparkly blue (not a big fan of the colour), played well, stock pickups actually didn't sound too bad. However, chucked in some TV Jones pickups and it's a completely different guitar. It's definitely a top 5 guitar for me. All for the price of $300+$400AUD for the TV Jones'.

  13. True, at the end there is always the one. I go back to my Tyler with midboost, but wait that Tom Anderson, oh no my……

  14. I found that the first guitar, which is an Ibanez DN600, that I brought myself is my favourite guitar and it plays well for me, stays in tune pretty well, sounds great and is in my mind more unique as it is a discontinued guitar, it's sparkly and I have hardly seen anyone else with the same one that I have, their are only a few videos of people that have the one that I have and that's it. I also have a fender 2003 special edition splattercaster (stratocaster) that I brought second hand a year or so ago that is a close second. When I brought it it had aftermarket custom pickups put in it and a vintage style 3-way strat pickup selector switch installed, and I love it, the only things that I'd change, is putting a fender mid boost in it, and changing the string trees for the newer rolling ones. I might be tempted to get some fender noiseless pickups, but I'd have to decide if I should when I eventually come to it, it also didn't come with a trem arm, that doesn't matter all that much as I am not a player that really uses/likes trem systems, but I will still get one as it will be good for cosmetic purposes.

  15. This makes complete sense.  People who judge guitars by a price point piss me off. I can guarantee you can find an unknown brand or inexpensive guitar that will be awesome and superior to others sometimes only with a few modifications. You get what you pay for is general rule but with a guitar that may not be true at all.

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