What If Green Day's Meet Me On The Roof had a Guitar Solo?

Âm Nhạc

Threw this together super quick one night. didnt really second guess myself and just let something flow. its a bit shreddy compared to the original song but hey, i like it. hope you do too.

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Amps: Fractal AxeFX 2 for the guitar tone on my covers, lessons, and original music . i almost always use Orange AD30 presets but sometimes some Friedman, Soldano and others sneak in.. i dont typically use real amps anymore. certainly not in my videos just for convenience.

Strings: 9-46 are my main string gauge for fenders. i’ll use 10-52 on Gibsons typically. i tend to flip flop between Ernie Ball and D’addario.

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15 thoughts on “What If Green Day's Meet Me On The Roof had a Guitar Solo?

  1. what are your thoughts on the new album? i find myself vibing with i was a teenage teenager purely for its chorus but the rest of it feels really weak to me

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