Tutorial: How To Install Mods For Don't Starve [Not Through Steam]

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Today, Jon walks you through how to install mods for Don’t Starve through the Klei forums.

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JaRDev is a gaming channel that consists of best friends Jon and Robby playing games together and having a great time. We cover many different types of games, from indie survival games like Don’t Starve, to more popular AAA games such as Hearthstone and Far Cry. The channel began by creating mod spotlights for the game Don’t Starve, but eventually changed its focus to focus more on cooperative let’s plays and series of first impressions and reviews.

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31 thoughts on “Tutorial: How To Install Mods For Don't Starve [Not Through Steam]

  1. How to remove the error in client when I clicked on the "mods" button? (Sorry my maybe bad English, I am from Hungary)

  2. OK I did not download don't starve from steam and I don't have the profiles of the game or data what should I do

  3. Hi, I downloaded the mod but said "crushed last time started.automatic disabled"
    Help Please, if my don't starve is cracked give me the don't starve link, not
    don't starve together, please help

  4. if the geometric placement mod keeps crashing check this out http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/79672-geometric-placement-crashed-fix/

  5. I know this is two years old but I got a question.
    Can you use the mods on the free version of Don't Starve?

  6. for whatever reason, any mod I get from klei won't show up on the character roster, I don't know if it's me or the mod itself

  7. When I sign in it says "The display name you entered does not belong to any account" can anyone help please

  8. The loading steam workshop popup when i open the mods tab in Don't Starve wont go away and all the fixes dont work or are in German.Any help

  9. Can i install mods from don't starve together on don't starve? Because together have a character that i want to play ( because it have nice white hair T^T )

  10. It works for me (ALSO THE CHARACTERS) my method is just like
    1. i look in folder (The New MOD Folder) after downloading
    2. i drag it in my desktop
    3. i right click and click EXTRACT HERE then the MOD file will show up
    4. i open to my dont starve mods
    5. i drag the MOD file into my MODS
    6. I am done
    WARNING :You must check if its compatible with your dont starve, if the MOD you are about to download says something like DST DS RoG SW here are the complete
    DST= Dont Starve Together
    DS = Dont Starve
    RoG= Reign of Giants
    SW= Shipwrecked
    Also check the veirson

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