The Danelectro 84 Guitar

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20 thoughts on “The Danelectro 84 Guitar

  1. Man I love these pick ups, I dont like single coils but these remove all the sharpness and puts in more of the smooth

  2. I got a white one, of course, and I love the sound of the lipsticks, totally different than my two Stratocasters. Acoustically the guitar is duller than a fender but the lipsticks more than make up for that. The flat neck is awesome for a lower action than a fender, its like playing on a road.

  3. I see that Danelectro has essentially discontinued these. Shame. Phil, write them a letter. Tell them to make me a red one.

  4. i always think dane electros either have that edge
    not ment to be super fender clean
    but a little metal sharp grit

  5. Well, there's a few of things that made me not want to get a SC strat style guitar, and none of them are on this one. I was looking at getting a tele of some make and model, but this looks like the one to go with.
    A: I don't like the pole pieces sticking out on the middle pup, cuz I have big fucking hands and palm mutes put the picking area RIGHT over the sticky outy pole pieces, which my pick catches on
    B: strat volume knob is WAY to close to the strings, meaning I constantly accidentally turn the volume when I don't want to
    C: the slidey plastic nut, strings doing their own thing after a slight trem touch
    All these seem to be absent, and I'm glad, too. I like Danelectro and want them to make better products.

  6. Do they still make laguna? I'd like to see a comparison. I have a brawley, which I'm told is a laguna before they were called laguna. Its one of my favorites in looks AND sound.

  7. I bought a used squire with lipstick pickups. The guitar is a lemon, but I can't get rid of it because I love the lipstick pickups. I just heard about this guitar and it is now definitely on my wishlist.

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