The Bombpops – Notre Dame (Guitar Cover)

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Artist – The Bombpops
Song – Notre Dame
Album – Death in Venice Beach
Year – 2020

New single from one of my favorite current bands on Fat Wreck!

This track is super catchy and fun like most of their work, and I got some Alkaline Trio vibes out of this one. What do you guys think?


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. Two Notes Mesa Boogie 4×12 w/ Celestion V30’s IR.

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19 thoughts on “The Bombpops – Notre Dame (Guitar Cover)

  1. I’m about to pull the trigger on the Friedman be 100 deluxe. I know you have some experience with their Amps I’m trying to figure out if the Friedman matching cab is the best match a lot of ppl seem to love the bogner cabs a lot. Hearing this now though kind of makes me want to try some bogner Amps to though.

  2. I should be on tour slinging merch with a band doing support for The Bombpops right now. Cancelled and stuck at home cause of COVID. This is bittersweet. Great cover as always thought buddy!

  3. Killer as usual brother. And agreed; Bombpops are catchy as heck and one of my fave "newer" punk acts. They have A LOT of really great stuff!

  4. “Death on Venice beach” is such a great album. It’s one of those albums that a band just nails. Like Dookie, …..out come the wolves, titles, etc. albums that embodies the band. Just perfect albums

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