The Best Guitar for Funk ? – Essential Gear for Stanky Tone

Âm Nhạc

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What’s the best guitar for funk? Is it a Strat, Tele, Les Paul? You tell me!

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My Gear
★ Two Notes Torpedo Live Digital Loadbox/Speaker Simulator –
★ Cioks DC-10 Power Supply –
★ D’Addario NYXL Strings –
★ Picks! Dunlop Tortex TIII, Purple, 1.14mm –
★ Sinasoid Cables –
★ Universal Audio Apollo 8 TB interface –

Camera Gear
★ Sony A7III –
★ Canon EOS M6 Mirrorless –
★ Canon EOS Rebel T5i –
★ Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens –
★ GoPro HERO6 –
★ Rode VideoMic –
★ Rode VideoMicro –
★ LimoStudio Lighting Kit –

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43 thoughts on “The Best Guitar for Funk ? – Essential Gear for Stanky Tone

  1. Can I get the tabs to your riff from the beginning?
    I want to get into funk guitar and that riff just sounds amazing!

  2. The D'angelico ES styled guitar sounds like a great option to me, its the most funky besides the strat, but to me, the strat sounds like every other guitarist playing funk, "nothing new" so the D'angelico feels fresh and more distinguishable tone between players

  3. I've already commented but today I'm going to say my best funk guitar is
    A 1966?Guild Starfire lll that I have had for many years. The old Guild pickups are great. But RJ, come on,?you can get a great sound out of anything.

  4. Although all the guitars sound cool to some extent, and old semi-acoustic have that style of old funk records, I still hear single coil Tele and Strat as the tone that lives. So for the clean tone sounds, my vote and heart goes to Fenders.

  5. Is there a large hollowbody with 3 p-90’s like the Reverend that would deliver that bridge/middle cluck on a hollowbody ?

  6. Great video, I feel like hollow body is better, it adds some of that warmth and also looks cool and old school.

  7. In baseball sometimes people refer to a pitcher’s ability to throw a hard fastball effortlessly as easy gas. You’re playing has easy gas written all over it. Killer!

  8. So the moral of the story is that you can play funk on just about anything. It's in how you play and setting up a crystal clean sound on your amp.

  9. It’s most definitely all about having the funk within and you can funk out on anything but I’m a sucker for the tele. It’s my go to always especially live.

  10. I think the best funk guitar is a tele with a stat middle pickup that has its own volume or on off switch. That way when middle is off its just a tele, but you can then have the option to bleed in that strat quack

  11. For me I find that to get the best funk tones that the volumes must not be lower than 8 (even with a treble bleed) often 8 is even a little too low for me. What is your opinion on volume setting and funk tone?

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