Super Easy Guitar Chords For Beginners

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Super Easy Guitar Chords For Beginners – Easiest Guitar Lesson Ever! In this video, I am going to show you how to play 3 very easy guitar chords for beginners. This should be your first guitar lesson if you are an absolute beginner. The guitar chords we are going to learn are – the easy E chord, the easy A chord and the easy D chord. With only these three chords, you can play some of the easy guitar songs listed below:

Amazing Grace –
Folsom Prison Blues –
Walk The Line –
Kansas City –
Leaving On A Jetplane –
Three Little Birds –

If you enjoyed these super easy guitar chords for beginners, then make sure to check out my other chord video that discusses easy beginner guitar chords for the C, G, Em and D chords.

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10 thoughts on “Super Easy Guitar Chords For Beginners

  1. For more super simple guitar chords, check out my video below on the C, G, Em & D chords:

  2. For a while I struggled with D, this is great!! I'm teaching myself dust in the wind now !!! Now my C sounds horrid !! Help with C??? Thx, Lauren

  3. Did I hear this string name Acronym from you?
    "Elephants and Donkeys Grow Big Ears. "
    Even though I am still learning myself, I also am teaching my granddaughter to play. 🌈🌞👍
    Who knows how many people up will inspire. You are a modern version of Mel Bay. 👍🎼🎵🎶❤

  4. I love using those three cords from the d to the a to the e moving back down the scale towards the e string like picking up and down on each string in succession from the d. Kinda like a little lick…. It sounds good 😊… Very cool Teach!

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