Sigma SF-28 000/OM Style Acoustic Guitar

Âm Nhạc

Recorded with an MXL 990 and an MXL 991 in an XY configuration about a foot in front of the 12th fret. No EQ.

This video makes the top seem very yellow. It is not. It’s top is much lighter and more natural looking in reality. Could not find a single flaw in the finish or any sign of sub par workmanship. Did not need any setting up.

D’addario EJ16 Phosphor Bronze strings Light, 12-53 (less than a day old)

– Solid A grade Sitka top
– Rosewood back and sides (Laminate)
– Mahogany neck
– scalloped bracing system
– Bone nut and saddle
– 2mm rosewood veneered head stock face plate
– Rosewood fingerboard & bridge

MSRP: $469.00
Street Price (What I paid): $349:00


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6 thoughts on “Sigma SF-28 000/OM Style Acoustic Guitar

  1. Sold me for sure.  Ordered the SF28CE though.  Same but w/cutaway.  Does yours havethe B-Band electronics system, or another?

  2. you play more beautifully than 95% of the acoustic videos on youtube, and i've seen alot! most just hammer down with some thick gauge pick and destroy any sort of "tone" different guitars produce. You make this guitar sing- You should make more of just playing! very easy to listen to!

  3. Question:  I saw which mics you used.  What about your video setup?  How did you set up everything for audio and video?  Thanks and nice playing!

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