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Lee Brice is well known as a multi-platinum artist, but unless you’ve seen him in concert, you might not know he’s a killer guitarist. Brice invited Premier Guitar into historic Legends Studio in Nashville to see the tools he and his guitar army use. Bonus: PG’s Perry Bean interviews Brice’s pedal-steel player, none other than John Bohlinger!

Brice’s No. 1 is this stock 1964 Fender Stratocaster he acquired through Nashville guitarist Tom Bukovac. It was in immaculate condition when Brice bought it, so he can claim every ding and scratch on it as his own.

Bettis’ No. 1 is his 1965 Gibson SG Jr. with Grover tuners and a Gibson wraparound bridge.

Bohlinger plays a 2016 Show Pro E9 Lloyd Green model with four pedals and five knee levers. The Show Pro is strung with D’Addario EPS490 Pedal Steel Strings, with standard E9 tuning (B–D–E–F#–G#–B–E–G#–D#–F#) and copedents.

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24 thoughts on “Rig Rundown – Lee Brice Band

  1. Great informative interview. John takes his time to listen and let the real info come out, to the point where I believe his questions aren't scripted.

  2. The analog outfitters amp is smaller than the kemper modeler and that little steel box looks bulletproof

  3. Lee came to an event here where I live a few years ago and performed. He was so drunk on our moon shine around here he nearly fell off the stage.

  4. Hey John! – thanks for that "little" tip on the double tuners. I use the sweetened tuning on my SHO BUD and the second tuner for "reference" hadn't occurred to me. I watch all of your run downs, even if the artist doesn't do "my kind of music". KEEP um TO THE RIGHT killer! TW ::) edit – I finished watching your run down – you didn't speak of he all important seat. Drummer's throne maybe??

  5. I'm proud to say that there are very few Rig Rundowns that I have missed over the years. That being said, this may well be my favorite! 🙂

  6. We opened for Lee a few years ago, one of the nicest A level guys I've gotten to know. Great in every way and well deserves his success.

  7. This is why John is cool; the guy can basically interview himself while still coming across as humble while fellow musicians like him. 🤘🏼👍🏼

  8. Hey John, I am so glad you shared this with us I have been wondering what you are running with these days. BTW do you still have that guitar that someone did a wood burning artwork on that you were playing back in Billings in 88 and 89 when you were playing with Bob Whitmer? That Strat that "too tall" got me to reminessing and I remember that guitar like an old friend. I'll never forget that you just handed it to me one night at the 17 club and totally made my night special. Thanks for that my friend.

  9. I love Rig Rundowns. I have watched every single one. Thia one could have been 6 minutes, but this guy talks so much. Jesuss!

  10. What a great interview. I think John does the best job at PG. he really knows how to listen. He's not just thinking of his next question.

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