Rig Rundown – Failure's Ken Andrews [2019]

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The sonic sorcerer illustrates how he meticulously builds the wall of textured sounds in the Axe-Fx III and details the creation of his new Electrical Guitar Company signature offset.

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Failure multi-instrumentalist, highly-regarded rock producer, and digital-gear beta tester Ken Andrews joins PG’s Perry Bean to update his live gear cache that now boasts an aluminum signature guitar and an Axe-Fx III-based encyclopedia of tones and textures.

When we caught up with the band in 2015, Ken Andrews and stringed tag-team partner Greg Andrews were using Les Paul-style instruments. In a 2014 interview with PG, Andrews spoke about its qualities that made it perfect for recording The Heart Is A Monster: “It’s all over the record, and it has a certain slicing quality that other guitars don’t really have.” The only other guitar Ken preferred to use on that recording was actually 1967 Fender Jazzmaster.

Fast forward to 2019 and Ken Andrews has combined those two instruments (with heavy input from Electrical Guitar Company’s Kevin Burkett) to create this Jazzmaster-inspired, aluminum signature for EGC. Some spec highlights include a 25.1″ scale, full black anodizing of neck and body with aluminum binding on the neck, EGC’s “Spencer” neck was tweaked, making it thinner while retaining the width of the original, the inclusion of a Ghost piezo system so Ken can blend acoustic tones in with his electrical signal, and two proprietary humbuckers—a high-output set that uses alnico-5 magnets with massive magnet substructures, and are rated 14K and 11K.

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30 thoughts on “Rig Rundown – Failure's Ken Andrews [2019]

  1. All these tube tone purists bashing modeling….then the best guitar tones ever made or recorded are recreated using this tech dismisses the argument…. lol. Failure probably has produced the best rock guitar tones ever recorded…using both analogue and digital. This is proof….amp emulation is there…its finally right…and it's only getting better… just hate the price point…lol

  2. I just saw them in Detroit and it made me reconsider every notion I had in terms of live rock music. I’ve never heard a band some even close to as punchy and balls to the wall all while being completely totally audible. From delay throws for the vocals to the chunkiest bass tone I’ve ever heard.
    Their sound guy is an artist.

  3. I’m sure they’re great… but… this is just computer talk for guitar at the end of the day. I’m a dinosaur. Give me amps that blow up.

  4. To any naysayers and speculators (or anybody else), Failure is EASILY among the best sounding live acts on the planet. See them live

  5. I’m not trying to be “that guy” but if a guitar warms up he said it goes flat. If the guitar warms up it creates back bow which would make it go sharp..

  6. If Ken Andrews and Steve Albini were to ever produce and mix an album, it would either end with them both dead or the world's greatest sounding record humanity has ever produced. A single chord strum would make audiophiles across the globe erect instantly.

  7. I have got to stop watching videos that show EGC guitars. I already see myself dumping 3k into an instrument I've never played or even seen in person.

  8. Wow seeing this reassures me that less is more for me, basic 2 channel tube head and a few basic pedals. But would love to try an axefx

  9. 22:20 Listened that with headphones and totally blew my mind!!, can't wait to see Failure live in a couple of weeks

  10. I've been a fan of Citizen since 2013, and a fan of Failure/Ken Andrews' solo work since 2017 – I had a feeling he mixed Citizen's newest record the second I put it on. Such a legendary artist/producer/mix engineer.

  11. An electrical engineering course would be more exciting. Enough info dude. Please. Cool he's using Axe FX but LET'S HEAR IT!!!!!

  12. Sounds cool but i hate the sound of new strings twang twang twang. Also as someone who just plays straight into an amp in a band with the tone i want, managing all that looks ridiculous lol.

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