Rig Rundown – Dashboard Confessional's Chris Carrabba

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In early May 2015, Premier Guitar crashed Dashboard Confessional’s rehearsal in Nashville and met with Chris Carrabba between songs. Carrabba revealed the acoustic/electric rig that drove Dashboard from emo obscurity to the soundtrack of Spider-Man 2.

Carrabba loves old guitars. For electrics, he tours with a 1961 Gibson Les Paul Jr. and a racing striped 1967 Fender Mustang with a matching headstock. Both are strung with D’Addario EJ21.

For acoustics, Carrabba goes with his beloved and beaten 1970 Martin 0-18 and his 2014 custom-made Martin 00-18 with 3-piece back. The acoustics are strung up with D’Addario EJ17 strings and Carrabba prefers Dunlop Shell Plastic thumb picks and Paige capos.

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49 thoughts on “Rig Rundown – Dashboard Confessional's Chris Carrabba

  1. This is probably my favorite rig rundown to date. Plus Chris' acoustic tone is just heaven. Amazing player. TONE IS IN THE HANDS.

  2. Is that a 2-tone Rolex Datejust Chris is wearing? Also, he appears to be wearing a wedding ring. I've never known Chris to be married or even partnered for that matter. Was he married at that time? I saw him live in Dublin last year and he made reference to his mother (or possibly grandmother) asking him when he's "going to find a nice girl".

  3. I was looking for which strings would be good. I like dashboard's sound, bought the d'addario ej17. We will see if I like them

  4. This was amazing! Haha — @7:40 "i never go… real overboard with the price i'll pay for a guitar" = so, he does go a little overboard! 😀

  5. I normally hate sunburst on acoustics but that 00 looks beautiful. I stopped watching when he brought out the electric guitars.

  6. I've definitely heard the name of his band before, but knew nothing about them or this guy…but wow, what a well spoken, polite down to earth, cool guy he seems to be.

  7. Everyone has to love John Bolinger….he's a formidable musician, great compassionate human being and who else could possibly cram as many Wow's & Cool's into a 40 minute video…!

  8. He just lives in his own little world I feel like. Strange guy but knows his stuff and that's why I like him so much. Such a great artist.

  9. I don't even play guitar, but listen to Chris talk about them with such an excitement is so cool! I love this guy…

  10. wow his attention to detail to his guitars is incredible. he knows every nook and crany of his guitar.

  11. The way this guy speaks. So relaxing man. Except for those occasional long pauses, which are so abrupt it sounds like the sound has cut out! Fair play to Bollinger for resisting the temptation to interject and pre-empt him.

  12. Wow, Chris really knows his stuff. I love seeing musicians who people think are just dumb rockstars, paid industry sellouts, etc. who show they are very intelligent and very deliberate about what gear they use. It shows their attention to their craft, and what makes it special.

    Edit: minus points for saying Kitten Caboodle.

  13. As a Martin collector/lover/fanatic myself, I think this is a killer RR! Well done Prem GTR. And Martin DOES do the 3 piece back on the M-36 (which is a 0000 and one of my favorites) in addition to the 35 Style Dreadnoughts 🙂

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