[REVIEW] : D'addario PlanetWaves NYLPRO PLUS PICK – Yank Jay

Âm Nhạc

Kali ini bro Yank Jay akan me-review D’Addario PlanetWaves NYLPRO PLUS pick yang bisa jadi andalan kalian saat manggung.

The Nylpro Plus is the same jazz pick shape as the standard Nylpro, but is inject with not only nylon but fiber glass as well. The combination give a much brighter tone and is super stiff. The two texture surface give you extra an extra grip while the tip end is smooth for articulation.

-) Injection molded combination of nylon and glass fiber for hard texture and bright tone
-) Available in Extra Heavy gauge (1.4mm)
-) Authentic two-sided grip pattern for extra control
-) Jazz shape for articulate playing styles
-) USA Made

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