Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Weich + Oliv Double Bass String Review

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In this video, I review Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Weich double bass strings, as well as a Pirastro Oliv G string. There are lots of playing examples of these with pizzicato (finger style) and arco (with the bow). The Evah Pirazzi set is a synthetic string with chrome-steel wrap and the Oliv is gut core with a chrome-steel wrap.

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25 thoughts on “Pirastro Evah Pirazzi Weich + Oliv Double Bass String Review

  1. I loved the Oliv G. It is definitely worth the £110 here in the UK. Actually, if I could afford it, I would go for a full set of Eudoxas for £600.
    But I just don't have the guts…

  2. When I compare the beginning of this video with your Spiro's review https://youtu.be/salxqSj4U8o?t=283 I prefer the Spiro's on pizz and Eva's on bowing. Evas are not so versatile as Spiros. I have recently done Bach cello suite gigs on the bass. Maybe Eva set would be more suitable.

  3. Hi Geoff,
    I have just found out the answer to my previous question in your Spirocore's review, 2:57 you mention you had your previous Eva Weich set on for about 3 years.
    Nice video, I have watched it several times for the past 3 years, as a reference of Eva sound.
    Grooving cheers!

  4. Can you try Pirastro Obligato Fifths Tuning Strings? The 5 String can also take an Obligato High E Solo String.

  5. I had exactly the same experiences when I tried out the Oliv G-string for some time, with a set of Evah Pirazzi Weich. Very inspiring and beautiful warm acoustic sound, but I got really fed up with (checking my) tuning every one or two songs on a gig (arco and pizz). So now back again to full set of EP which works very well for me since I do jazz, classical, fado and everything in between… I change my strings – if I can afford it – once a year, year and a half, and always shortly before an important recording session or theatre tour… and I always think: "Oh I should have done this earlier!" Thanks for your great videos!

  6. Question. Do you have the non- threaded stud side of the Fishman FCL pickup going into the bridge or into the leg of the bridge? I am told that they should be installed with the "hot side" of the pickup (non-threaded) facing into the bridge. However I have seen them installed both ways (non-threaded stud into the bridge or into the leg). I am also told that feedback is more prevalent when the non- threaded stud is installed in the leg; hot side facing into the body of the bass. Any thoughts on your experience with the Fishman installation, or is this all much ado about nothing? Thanks!

  7. Geoff, Excellent video, as always. I was thinking about the Evah set for my plywood when I saw that you had done a video about it. I almost always opt for heavier strings due to a perceived loss in depth, but your sound is awesome! Thanks, man… Steve V

  8. Hi Geoff… Which model strings, rosin hear more pronounced? Thanks. Great videos 😉
    I use Thomastik Kunstler-Seil-Sainte Superflexible..Katalog Nr.36
    Good strings for. I had another set on my bass but the sound, even with bow was like a rock bass…

  9. Have you ever tried or heard Pirastro Obligato strings before? If so, do they work for orchestra, solo, and jazz? Thank you!

  10. I find what works really well for me is Oliv strings for the G and D and the Evahs for the A and E . As I play orchestral and jazz bass this combination is ideal . The first 2 months were a bit of a nightmare for the Oliv strings staying in tune , but they have been on a year now and they are fine and tend to stay in tune ..

  11. I think I'm gonna try these strings out!!! Also I have a question. What are your favorite pieces that you think every bassist should know? Thank you!!!!

  12. Hi Geoff, thanks for these videos! Im thinking of switching to weich from mittles. How do they compare tonewise?

  13. Hi Maestro, I am the principal double bass player in a German orchestra and I am also very used to play with gut strings for baroque music.
    I love jazz and your way of playing.
    I want to play jazz again, since a lot of years only between opera and symphony concerts.
    I have two five strings double basses with gut strings at home.
    I regularly use the old one for barocque with frets and I would like to start now playing jazz with the other one.
    I love Paul Chambers…
    What do you think about playing with a gut strings set?
    Thanks for your videos, you are an amazing player!
    All the best, Alberto

  14. Hi Geoff, I started playing the double bass 4 months ago, I was wondering how often I need to change the strings.

  15. Thanks to your video I went ahead and ordered a Evah Pirazzi weich set. Love them! I don't think Spirocores will ever come near my bass again 🙂

  16. Have you tried the Evah Medium set? I'm wondering what your perceived differences are, thanks for the great vids!

  17. Hi Geoff, nice review. I have to say that the Oliv doesn't sound like a traditional gut string to my ears. I currently have plain gut D & G strings on one of my basses and they sound quite different than any synthetic core string I have used, both arco and pizzicato. In this video, the Oliv doesn't sound much different than the Evah Pirazzi Weichs.

  18. Excellent video just purchased my first Upright at the grand old age of 55….played Electric Bass on and off for about 15 years just hoping the transfer isn't too daunting looking forward to the challenge as i've wanted one for many years fingers crossed

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