Phosphor vs 80/20 vs EQ's

Âm Nhạc

We had a couple friends stop by to compare the Cleartones in Phosphor Bronze, 80/20, and our BRAND NEW Cleartone EQ’s. Check them out!

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10 thoughts on “Phosphor vs 80/20 vs EQ's

  1. After playing Phosphor Bronze for a long time I tried out 80/20 recently and I must say I like it waaaay more. So sweet sounding 🙂
    If you play a lot of percussive stuff the Phosphor will probably be more suited, but for everything else not so much.

  2. It really would be a lot more helpful if Cleartone had got a guitarist who was capable of doing something other than just strumming the guitar. You need a guitarist who can flat pick and finger pick and, in the process, demonstrate the tone of each string. I have been using Cleartone strings for several years now but this video does nothing to sort out the innate characteristics of Phosphor Bronze v 80/20 or these new EQ strings whatever they are. Shame this was an opportunity to provide a useful guide, but sadly it doesn't help at all.

  3. Does anyone use the EQ strings? I just got a pair today, I tell you what I think when I put them on in the next couple days. I got a thin body acoustic that needs to be less bright and more well rounded.

  4. On this guitar the EQ's sounded like they didn't know what they wanted to be when they grew up. Bass was mushy mids were ok and highs got lost. I was expecting so much more.

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