Morrissey – Tomorrow Bass Playalong

Âm Nhạc

Steven Patrick Morrissey. The Mozzer, my Master, My King. Eventually I had to do a Morrissey song.
This is not my favourite Morrissey track by far, but the bassline always caught my attention. It’s really cool. It’s persistent, to the degree of annoying 🙂

I realised that the verse could be played in two different ways -one starting from the 9th fret on the D string, or from the 4th fret on the G string. It was probably played the second way but I actually prefer the first one as you will notice.


Equipment used:
Bastard Fender Precision:
1963 neck with original reverse pegs
2010 Fender American Standard Precision Bass Body (Strings through body)
Lindy Fralin Precision Bass Pickups Set
Fender American Standard Upgrade Bass Bridge
D’Addario Chromes ECB82 50-105 flatwound strings

Recorded directly through a Apollo Twin Duo soundcard with an Ampeg SVT amp plugin and a LA2A compressor plugin from UAD, into my Macbook Pro 15″ Retina 2014 and Logic Pro X.

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10 thoughts on “Morrissey – Tomorrow Bass Playalong

  1. This was a great cover and I love your style of playing.  Hope all is well and hope to see some new covers in the future.

  2. Great pocket playing here, sir. I love how present the bassline is in the mix – that and the snappy tone just propel the song forward.

  3. This is fantastic… I had figured out all of it myself except for one part, and I'm still stuck. It's the section that begins at 2:24 on the G… Any help/tabs? Thanks in advance… Subscribed.

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