Mobizen Screen Recorder App For Android – Internal Sound Update

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This video is for the Mobizen screen recorder app for Android. Mobizen recently released an internal sound update that removed the ability to get a clean internal sound recording within the app. If you were using a Samsung or LG phone and using the Mobizen specific app for those phones, you can no longer record internal audio the way you used to. If you’re a gamer looking to record internal audio, you will want to watch this video.

I don’t have a solution for this and wanted to make a video letting everyone know what is going on with the app because I’m getting a LOT of comments and emails about it. The problem is with the Android operating system itself that places limits on how internal screen recording works. If I do find a solution, or you know of one that doesn’t involve rooting your phone, please leave a comment and let everyone know. Thanks!

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45 thoughts on “Mobizen Screen Recorder App For Android – Internal Sound Update

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  2. For android user dont root or buy microphone cause apperantly you can just download old version on the internet
    But just quick disclaimer that I don't know when was the version that worked

  3. If you still want the best experience go inside a quiet room then close all your windows and doors and stuff and make sure its really quiet and then you can record without background noise.

  4. My Huawei honor 8xcan record absolutely clean internal audio recording but there is no option to disable visual feedback touches and I don't like that. It always traces where I touch hope they'll give an option to disable it…

  5. Another solution is that for mobison (mb that I didnt spell it right)u can download a app like aptoide or tutu app and just download an earlier version that had the only internal sound

  6. GUYS IT STILL WORKS! Go to the play store and get mobizen FOR LG. There are 2 different versions of mobizen.

  7. I found a version on the web that still has it internal audio. Search for and download at your own risk. It's called mobizen for Samsung and it is version

  8. Just download the old version only for Samsung like me (dont click the blue thing on the numbers just look for the old version)

  9. Thank you soo much android for external audio without no internal audio. Im new Youtuber on 2018, I'm upset.
    Rest in peace mobizen.

    I'm Samsung android

  10. Guys there is a solution , NO NEED TO ROOT just visit uptodown and choose and older version for mobizen samsung , ur welcome

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