Martin SP lifespan 80/20 phosphor bronze medium with Martin OM28JM Review

Âm Nhạc

I have tried many strings like D’Addario,Elixir,John Pearse……

ultimately this is the string that I love the most! the suitable tone for every Martin-

guitars with long life.No matter whatever the style of playing I played…

it responses a clear tone from your martin guitar.

I tried regular martin SP strings on it but were not my favorite.

I recorded without the mic.I used only canon powershot digital camera…

I know it’s not a perfect enviroment to show detail of the tone.

If you have a Martin guitar..especially you’re doing “a string travel”

then try Martin SP life span medium or light…! it is way better than regular martin strings.

I upload a sample video for string tone.

check it out with 1080HD.

it sounds way better to hear when you changed from 320 to 1080.

I played little pieces of Little Wing,Edge of Desire,Perfectly Lonely,

Slow Dancing in a burning room and Old Love in this video 🙂


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7 thoughts on “Martin SP lifespan 80/20 phosphor bronze medium with Martin OM28JM Review

  1. This is awesome 🙂 I just got some for my Taylor since I want a warmer tone i thought martins would do. putting them on tomorrow haha and OMG your guitar is beautiful wish I could have one of them :L Did they last long?

  2. WOW! Awesome playing, I'm jealous! I've been wishing I could play that lick from Edge of Desire for ages.

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