Martin Garrix – Summer Days [BASS COVER] – with notation and tabs

Âm Nhạc

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Some pop for your Friday! I must say I love the recent trend of really funky bass loops over modern pop tunes. Makes for some fun learning 🙂
Also, been a fan of Macklemore forever so that made this one extra fun to do.

Enjoy all!

– 2014 Roscoe Century Standard Plus 5-string bass
– D’Addario nickel (round) wound medium gauge strings
– Treble/Bass – neutral
– Avalon U5 D.I.
– Protools 11 (compression on the slap parts)


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26 thoughts on “Martin Garrix – Summer Days [BASS COVER] – with notation and tabs

  1. How does the bass player on the track get that tone? It’s kind of like “woaa woaa” sounds really cool

  2. Shouldn't the quarter notes in the first slap phrase be half notes and not have nearly as many quarter rests? I cant get the timing right Dx

  3. Really good work there I love it . And I really want to learn slapp. Can you send me a tutorial? Please..

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