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Just arrived! Built by Manuel himself with me and my shop in mind. Based on a Hauser with numerous modifications by Manuel. The guitar is fast, explosive, sweet and sensual. Using the best of the best in materials, and his incredibly tasteful sense of artisanship, Manuel has created a gorgeous guitar, one I’m very proud to have in the shop.

I’ve set her up myself to play faster, and more powerfully. Strung up with the new FluoroCarbon strings by D’Addario EJ45FF series. Very bright for a cedar, yet warm and able to color her as I wish. Really nice. I found her very powerful, having to hold back quite a bit.

The piece is from Brouwer’s Estudio 6″ – performed in our shop and studio area at Savage Classical Guitar. Video and audio work by Dan Bouza of

Please read more about Manuel and this guitar here:

Manuel, hailing from the Southeast coast of Valencia, Spain, is a man of tradition, in all aspects of his life, from work ethic to the way he sits and speaks with you. A love of life, and a love of guitar and the people who make music with them is very evident when speaking with him. He has taken the Esteve name as well as his own, to new heights of quality and construction, experimenting endlessly with various techniques, those that have created his Especial and Anniversario models. His C/B construct, found in the 7 C/B – 9 C/B and other higher end models are a wonder of sound and projection. A true artisan, he is never satisfied, studying even to this day, with other luthiers to learn what they know regarding construction, modeling, polishing, shellac, and so on. It is wonder in and of itself, because as a master, you would think him steady in his ways, not needing to learn or think he has anything left to learn. My personal experience is what I wrote above. He never stops, taking precious time of his own schedule to fly here to speak with and learn more from the best luthiers our own USA has to offer.

Playing his own Anniversario models, Torres – Hauser and Lacote models , it becomes very clear the man is obsessed with the best build in a classical guitar that he can offer at a generous price to the playing public.

Savage Classical Guitar will be offering a continuing sample of Manuel’s best work as well as his student and conservatory level instruments from his Francisco Esteve line of classical guitars.

Best and call or write to me anytime.

My recording setup is catalogued at my web site.

You can contact me, Rich Sayage at 631-335-5447

Savage Classical Guitar Dealer of Fine Classical Guitars is located in Bay Shore, NY down by the water, 45 minutes East of New York City


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