LIVE ❤️ Daily Ukulele Jam

Âm Nhạc

We talked about a lot of things in today’s lesson, so here are links for everything 🙂

Black Nova Ukulele by Enya (Waterproof version)

This is the ukulele I used today. It includes a case, strap, and capo all in the same color. There are other color options available 😉

Black Nova Ukulele by Enya (Self amplified and with effects)

This looks almost exactly the same as the ukulele I used today, but it comes with reverb, chorus, and delay.

Printable Resources

I make printables and additional resources for my Patreon members. You can access to everything I’ve ever made in print form in the link above.

Peach Tea (the one I’m drinking in this episode)

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We have a special printable for these livestreams. You can see it here 🙂



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20 thoughts on “LIVE ❤️ Daily Ukulele Jam

  1. We have a special printable for these livestreams. You can see it here 🙂

  2. Could you make a tutorial for dance monkey like a dedicated separate video ? I would surely appreciate!

  3. Hola Bernadette, sorry I didn't say hi while you were live, but I was a little late and just wanted to grab my uke and join in. You may remember that I am a lefty who plays righty. Strumming is OK, finger picking is difficult, but percussive strumming, that is a major challenge!! Something else to work on, thank you for constantly stretching my (lack of) skills. I know I have said it before, but you really are an amazing teacher, te amo.

  4. Love it really is just excellent to listen an learn I'm going to end up with so many ukes after I've got good 💕🌼🌞

  5. Hey Bernadette, thank you for these live streams! I really love them and I find them super interesting with plenty of new things for me to learn in these times. Even though they are quite late at night for me, I still watch them as a preview for the next day, when I try to learn the songs and techniques. I mentioned it on the stream but there were so many great suggestions it probably got lost – I'd love more oldschool rock songs, especially Pinball WIzard by The Who or For what it's worth by Buffalo Springfield. I'm looking forward for tomorrow's stream!

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