Kurt Vile – Guitar Power

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Presented by D’Addario and Rolling Stone, this is Guitar Power hosted by Matt Sweeney. Matt sits and chats with Kurt Vile about his influences, technique, gear, and approach.

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39 thoughts on “Kurt Vile – Guitar Power

  1. Wow, I actually liked his last two songs/music videos when I came across them, but I got to say I'm really not impressed by his guitar skills. Bit of disappointing to see.

  2. with those pseudo guitar players it is not interesting to learn guitar nowadays, long are the days of Jimmy Page

  3. Are there any episodes of this series, where doods not interviewing a shitty chicken picker just so he can cop licks? What if you're into actually playing the instrument, and dont just want to hear shitty droning chords over and over?

  4. All the keyboard warriors are funny. Laugh. They understand everything and everyone as if they’re God but they’re not God so…

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