Jean Noel-Rohé Classical Guitar – Aaron Larget-Caplan – Savage Classical Guitar Studios

Âm Nhạc

Aaron Larget-Caplan performing Leaky Roof (2008) by Jonathan Feist using a 2012 Jean Noel Rohé Classical Guitar #53 Spruce top with CSA Rosewood.

Aaron visited with us on December 10, 2016 for a full day excursion, including a video session with us, managed by Dan Bouza – then a Master Class in the afternoon, followed by a concert (which will be aired shortly) in association with The Legato Foundation – sponsored by Savage Classical Guitar – Oasis Strings and Humidifiers – D’Addario – Hello Stage – La Bussola Ristorante

It was a very good day for all involved.

The guitar itself is superb. Anyone familiar with Jean Noel’s work knows the high level of craftsmanship and musicality that he brings to the table. This guitar is a superb example of such.

More information about the guitar, photos, measurements are readily available in the following link:

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