"III – Creatures of Circumstance" | from [ Inside/Out | Part I ] – Official Playthrough

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“III – Creatures of Circumstance” is the third single off of Dan Sugarman’s new instrumental album [ Inside/Out | Part I ] coming out on 5.15.20

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[ Inside/Out | Part I ] is a 6 song EP featuring Angel Vivaldi, Sims Cashion, and Ruben Alvarez, and was originally composed in the 6 months leading up to the passing of Dan’s mother Teri Sugarman. This entire album is dedicated to her memory. Proceeds made during the making of this album on Patreon went to charities such as The National Brain Tumor Society, Childhood Domestic Violence Org., SmileTrain, OxFam, and to the hospital wing at Cedar Sinai hospital that took care of Dan’s mother until the end. This album is meant to be a release and escape from the traumas of the past, and is something that will be felt on your side of the screen.

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[Written & Recorded] by Dan Sugarman

Angel Vivaldi [
Sims Cashion [
Ruben Alvarez of Upon a Burning Body [
Alex Campbell [

Recorded at Sugartone Studios by Dan Sugarman
Mixed by Asher Alley [
Bass performed by Asher Alley
Mastered by Ermin Hamidovic of Systematic Productions [
Artwork by Rob Walden Design [

[Recording Using]
Kiesel Guitars [
Kemper Amps [
Dunlop Flow Picks [
D’addario Strings [
ToneCrate Kemper Signature Tone Pack [
Dingwall Bass
SD3 Drums & GetGood Drums
Logic Pro X
Apogee Duet

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4 thoughts on “"III – Creatures of Circumstance" | from [ Inside/Out | Part I ] – Official Playthrough

  1. I listened through this twice in a row. It was a completely different experience after the explanation! I'm really excited for your album! 🙂

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