How to Read (a local) Mobi File in Kindle for PC

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How to Read (a local) Mobi File in Kindle for PC

This is part of the “Computer Survival Guide for Authors” series of
screencasts. These are supplemental to the eBook “Your Kindle
Formatting Butler” to help you publish your manuscript on Amazon.
See for more information.

You can read Kindle eBooks (mobi files) directly on a Windows
computer even if you do not own a real Kindle eReader.

Suppose you have an eBook (a mobi file for Kindle) that you have
saved to disk from email or that you have created yourself using my
book “Your Kindle Formatting Butler”. How do you read it on your
Windows PC, without needing to copy it to a real Kindle eReader?
This video shows how to transfer a Kindle eBook to the correct
folder so you can read it with Amazon’s Kindle for PC application.

If you do not yet have Kindle for PC installed, another video in
this series shows how to install it.

Thanks to Bill Myers for the big red mouse cursors (


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  1. Uh oh…I don't have a user name. What do I do then if I don't have a user name under the users heading? Do I create a new file under that heading and give it my name?

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