How to install classical guitar strings

Âm Nhạc

Learn the right way to install nylon strings so they don’t stretch for a month before you can start playing.

Brazilian luthier Rodrigo Gomes visits Dan Erlewine’s shop and sets up a classical guitar for Dan to start learning to play bossa nova.

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For more information on tools and parts:

String Action Gauge

Sloane Classical Machines with Leaf Bronze Baseplates

Nut and Saddle Vise

Nut and Saddle Shaping Files, Set of 2

GHS La Classique Nylon Strings

Bleached White Bone Saddles


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28 thoughts on “How to install classical guitar strings

  1. SURROUNDED BY ANGELS, A song by M Fitzgerald (click on link to listen)

  2. Great tutorial, I've been considering buying a set of D'Addario EJ33 Folk Nylon Normal .028 .045 Ball End. Can I simply cut off the Ball Ends and still use as Tie Ends? I have a '55 Martin 00-18G Thanks!

  3. That's a low 12th fret, 6th string, action. More usual is the range 3.25 mm – 4 mm for serious classical performers. 2.75 mm is unlikely to allow you to drive a bass line very loud or hard, it might be ok for gentle bossa accompaniment though, and I guess that's where he's coming from.

  4. Does anyone know the chords he is playing starting at 0:52? Can you break them down into notes/ strings?

  5. The tie on for the low strings does not note that pulling the back of the strings down low before tightening which cost me a set of strings.

  6. I think that I put my nylon strings on wrong because it won't hold a tune at all. I tune it and after just a little while it goes flat. Is this a normal thing with nylon strings?

  7. works great! thanks! just stringed up my dad's old classical he got from mexico back in the 1960's. having a hard time keeping the first three strings in tune though, do those things just stretch for days, or what?

  8. does anybody know why my e string keeps sliping off from the bridge, I kind of fix it myself but it looks like shit please help!

  9. Latin guitar by Musicians Institute from Hal Leonard. Excellent book and cd to learn latin guitar. 20 something bucks. Cheap 👍😎

  10. My first guitar was a mexican classical. There was a music store in the mall right across the rio grande in juarez mexico, a pretty mexican seniorita would throw your guitar in clear, thick plastic bag and they only cost 400 pesos (about 38 USD at the time) STRAIGHT UP MARTY ROBBINS SHIT RIGHT THERE YO!

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