How to Download Best Screen Recorder* for Windows®-PC

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How to Download Best Screen Recorder for for free to Windows
In this Video you all learn “How to Download Best Video Editor/Screen Capture/Recorder for free to Windows PC from Microsoft, Expression Encoder 4”
Expression Encoder 4 is an Easy and Advanced Video Editor, Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 is a free version open Source, by using this Expression Encoder 4 we can create HD 1080p video’s by recording your PC Screen, this is an easy and awesome screen recorder ever for windows 8/8.1 or older versions.
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Warning: Don’t Miss-use this Software and this video it’s completely restricted, Credit Gos to Microsoft( )
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33 thoughts on “How to Download Best Screen Recorder* for Windows®-PC

  1. Sir i have password of vedios which is vehild for one year but i want to record these vedios. When i install this software it is detected by vedio player and vedio is not playing . How I record these vedios please

  2. It can't work now😪 now I did like what u said but it needs additional app for installing this

  3. Yo, I know I’m like 3 years late, but how can I get a vid longer than 10 minutes, get audio, and does this still work on windows 7?

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