How To Change Acoustic Guitar Strings • Step By Step

Âm Nhạc

Whether you’re new to changing guitar strings, or you’ve been doing it for years, you’re sure to learn a lot from this in-depth string changing care and maintenance tutorial.

•Learn how to prepare your guitar to STAY IN TUNE!
•Great video for aspiring guitar techs!
•String changing TIPS & TRICKS for beginners AND pro’s!
•The techniques in this video can be applied to ANY type of guitar!

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22 thoughts on “How To Change Acoustic Guitar Strings • Step By Step

    ► Watch MORE from The String Changing Series here:

  2. From this I learned a better way to stretch the strings and also your way of wrapping the string around the post. I would definitely would like to know about the 5th fret method. Thanks!

  3. Hey Rob thanks for another helpful video! Is there any way you could do a tutorial on changing pickups and or tuners I recently got a new guitar and love it but I'm thinking about upgrading the pickups and tuners

  4. Couldn’t have ended this video in a better fashion! I had the feeling that was gonna be the riff you played 😈

  5. Rob if you were my bro I would have you teach me every Chimaira song and then we would form a new band

  6. Hey Rob…in the main titles of your videos it looks like there’s a clip of you discussing cab micing…is this something we can expect soon? 😃

  7. Oh, so an accoustic playthrough coming soon!?
    I'm gonna take a guess and say the song isn't all accoustic but has some parts where you'd need it…
    The Elite maybe? And if so… we didn't hear the song i'm thinking about in this video's background music… 😏

  8. I never thought about keeping a tooth brush for detail cleaning that's a way better idea than baby wipes. Thanks for the tip I'm going to start implementing that asap.

  9. Pshhh, I’m a pro, you can’t teach me nothin. I know everything there is to know! Juskiddin… hey just curious, it’s hard to tell, but did you loop knot the strings? I’ve been using the string locking method the last 6 months or so, where it’s sort of a makeshift locking tuner with the string itself, maybe you’ve seen it before, maybe not, i just learned it myself not long ago. Anyway, couldnt tell if that’s what you were doing when you were pulling the string tight. I’m going to watch it over and see if i can figure it out. I’m always trying new ways to wrap the tuning machines to see what works best. For the longest time i just put the string straight through the whole and tightened so it would have barely any, of any wrap at all, and my tuning stability would usually be fine, but would sometimes have issues depending on the strings, and never realized why… “why do people do all that string wrapping, it’s so much faster this way” 🤦‍♂️ i eventually figured it out lol.

  10. Uhhh dude .. do a vid on your string changing workbench .. all the tunings listed up there is a killer idea .. and the fact you have everything in reach.. that's awesome man . 🤘

  11. Could you explain that string wrap technique or maybe get a better camera angle to see what you are doing? Thanks for making these videos!

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