Guitare Xtreme Magazine # 87 – A guitar lesson with Rich Robinson (Black Crowes/Magpie Salute)

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Guitare Xtreme Magazine # 87 – A guitar lesson with Rich Robinson (Black Crowes/Magpie Salute)

Richard Spencer “Rich” Robinson (born May 24, 1969) is an American musician and founding member of the rock and roll band The Black Crowes. Along with older brother Chris Robinson, Rich formed the band in 1984 (originally called Mr. Crowes Garden) while the two were attending Walton High School in Marietta, Georgia. At age 15, Rich wrote the music to what would become one of the band’s first singles; “She Talks to Angels”.
Robinson was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and grew up in the East Cobb County / Marietta suburbs of Atlanta. He is the son of Nancy Jane (née Bradley) and Stanley “Stan” Robinson.[1][2] His father’s single, “Boom-A-Dip-Dip”, was #83 on the 1959 Billboard charts. The first incarnation of what would become the Black Crowes appeared as early as 1984. The band were then named Mr. Crowe’s Garden after a favorite childhood fairy tale.[3] Robinson has stated that, because of his young age, he would have to sneak in and out the venues they performed and would be refused admittance if he returned the next day to attend a gig himself.[4]
By 1989, the band had become The Black Crowes and had gained momentum in their native Georgia. Producer George Drakoulias discovered the band during a New York City show the band gave that year, and had them signed to Rick Rubin’s then newly formed Def American label. Recording sessions began almost immediately and the band’s debut, $hake Your Money Maker, was released in 1990 to a wide charting success and good critical reception. Much of the album showcased the skills of then-21 years old Rich, from the opening riff of “Twice As Hard” to the melody of Mainstream Rock chart-topping hit “She Talks to Angels”. The band quickly hit the road in support of the album, first with Aerosmith (1990), then with ZZ Top (1991). Having been fired from the latter for behavior issues, the band started its own tour in 1991.

The $hake Your Money Maker Tour was followed by the 1992 release of The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion. Departing from the more traditional rock & roll approach of their first album, the album featured more syncopated rhythms and generally longer songs (with three songs exceeding 6 minutes). The single Remedy reached #1 on the Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart in May 1992. Extensive touring, including headlining shows and festivals in Europe and Japan followed the release of the album, with the band appearing at the 1993 Pinkpop Festival.
Although the band’s popularity never again reached the pinnacle of their first two albums, The Black Crowes established a loyal and steady following across the United States and, to a lesser extent, United Kingdom and continental Europe.
Amorica (1994) and Three Snakes and One Charm saw the band dwelling further into jam rock, before By Your Side returned to a more straightforward sound, more relating to Shake Your Money Maker while retaining musical elements developed since Amorica.[5] After releasing Lions in 2001 and touring to support it, the Black Crowes took an indefinite hiatus….


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43 thoughts on “Guitare Xtreme Magazine # 87 – A guitar lesson with Rich Robinson (Black Crowes/Magpie Salute)

  1. Funny that the he plays is in open g and I just happen to be in open g playing some classic stones like brown sugar and start me up.

  2. out of sheer arrogance and disdain for a musician, the world has not heard a collection of unpublished songs from one of the greatest legends of rock history alongside one of the great bands of the 1990s and 2000s.

  3. Every single note that pours out of that red guitar is pure rock n roll !! Really magical watching him play the Sting me riff, Rich taste and musical sensibility are the foundation of the Black Crowes.

  4. I miss The Magpie Salute … please return Rich. I’m sure u will get sick of playing jealous again in 2020

  5. Thank You Rick Robinson for unselfishly sharing your guitar techinques Love You and Your brothers Music. Saw you guys in Flagstaff AZ Ya'll are awesome Well worth going to see again Thanks Guitar Extreme for providing this to other Guitarist beginners and profession alike. My brother and I grew up reading your Magazines

  6. Joe Perry made me want to play. Rich Robinson showed me how. I dissected SYMM and learned every song. southern harmony, same thing. Now with Magpie, I get a kick out of the acoustic performances. His songs sing themselves.

  7. Hats off to you dear brother, guitar saved my life as did music and at the age of 43 I'm learning your guitar parts and loving it.

  8. I want to applaud but you can't do that on YouTube. The Black Crowes was the best band ever. I hope you guys will get back together some day.

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