Guitar Pickup Comparison – Caparison Design vs Planet Tone Custom Vintage PAF

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NOTE** If you want to skip to the comparison, skip to 07:04, verdict at 32:14

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As I mentioned in my last video, Planet Tone Pickups made me a set of custom PAF pickups inspired by some old guitars that I’ve had really cool experiences working with in the past, specifically some Les Pauls from the 70’s era. I took a day to record a bunch of clean, crunch, heavy and lead guitar sounds with the stock Caparison Pickups in my TAT-FX before switching them out for the Planet Tone set. I matched all the takes (almost) and dove into my Pro Tools to try and tease out the differences in their frequency balances, considering how they might sound mixed into an arrangement of other sounds.

I need to be super clear with the fact that I love the Caparison pickups, used them happily for the last 2 years and had no intention of changing them. These guys reached out to me asking if I was interested in having something tailor made so I took a trip down memory lane and came up with the concept of trying to match the mojo of those old guitars that totally killed it in the studio sessions I used them in.

The result overall is pretty badass! I’m actually really happy with both sets. If you’re interested in learning any more info behind this story or more technical information about how I set up this session, just follow the link above to my blog and you can read more at your leisure.

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6 thoughts on “Guitar Pickup Comparison – Caparison Design vs Planet Tone Custom Vintage PAF

  1. I would use a planet tone for the bridge and the caparison for the neck is my verdict after watching this to completion. Now… How do I buy a dang caparison pickup lol

  2. Is such a close call… Plane one seems a little crisper for sure on distortion. Which did you ultimately enjoy better since then?

  3. but then again I like your point about not being able to go backwards if pickup has too much gain

  4. to me the planet tones seem too bright. I always prefer a scooped mid though for some reason

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