Guitar Accessories Every Beginner Needs

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Our customer service department gets hundreds of questions every day, some from serious pros, some from folks just learning to work on their instruments, and others from players. We’re frequently asked what are our favorite guitar accessories to keep guitars looking and playing their best. In fact, we get asked this question so often we decided to make this video. This list is our Top 10 essential guitar accessories every guitar lover will probably want to have.

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Snark SN-5 Guitar, Bass, and Violin Headstock Tuner

D’Addario Planet Waves Classic Pearl Celluloid Picks

Grover Ultra Capo

Fender Elite Strap Locks and Buttons

Guitar Tech Screwdriver Set

Ball-end Hex Keys

StewMac String Winder

String Cutter

GHS 7-String Electric Guitar Boomers

ColorTone Clean + Shine Polish

Preservation Polish

D’Addario Planet Waves Guitar Humidifier Pro

StewMac has everything you need to set up, repair or build guitars.
Everything is 100% guaranteed. Fast worldwide shipping.

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29 thoughts on “Guitar Accessories Every Beginner Needs

  1. A cheap trick

    You can use silica gel instead of humidifier they are equally effective and very cheap you can even put more than 1 in your case for peace of mind or even in an acoustic sound hole

  2. If you want to save money, Armor All is the same thing as the Polish and you can buy lemon oil in jugs used for furniture polish. You're getting 10% of the product for 300% markup when you buy through music suppliers. Every musician should work in a music store at least once so you know your enemy

  3. I keep cigarettes in all my cases lol I don't keep anything but a few marlboro, black and mild or newports inside. And a lighter in each one as well lol

  4. Strap buttons in the center of the heel? I always put them on the treble side of the heel on an acoustic. Also, I've been playing for 60 years and find I can always learn something new from these videos. Well done.

  5. 50 yrs of playing and never needed a strap lock. I say get picks, capo, tuner, strap, hard case, guitar holder/stand, and soft cloth and cleaner along with some extra strings. And most importantly a job to pay for your new addiction. 🙂

  6. If you don't have a dog or a kid to knock your guitar over then a guitar stand is a must. Guitars are a beautiful decoration in any room and a guitar that is locked away won't get played as much as it should. Having said that my guitar fingers is smiling at me from across the room and I think I'll give her some attention.

  7. See here's the thing I completely disagree with the whole breaking strings thing. I haven't had a string break on me in probably 10 years so unless you're just going months and months over needing new strings and your old strings just turned to shit your strings aren't going to break

  8. I say get a good guitar stand
    Have the guitar out where you see it
    You'll be more likely to play it by seeing it
    In a case your not looking at it
    There's way better safer strap locks then the one showed
    Either way thanks for sharing

  9. Now we are talking. Good job guys. 👏🏻

    No Great job. Passing along the knowledge. And including the knowledge of the free apps. Really made it feel like it wasn't a sales pitch.

  10. It might be fun and informative for you to learn the proper way to attach strings to a tuning peg so they don't slip or run into other problems.

  11. What kind of monster installs Schaller strap locks with the opening facing down? And why am I watching this video? I've been playing since 1988!

  12. What tools are needed to refret a guitar? I'm planning to refret my own guitar. I think buying the necessary tools is more convenient and efficient than shipping my guitar to a luthier.

  13. Ugghhh putting the horseshoe strap locks on upside-down…. it annoys me worse than people who put the toilet paper roll on backwards

  14. As a bass player of 30 years there should be one more accessory (so this goes to 11). Guitar cables. You can never have enough and they always seem to go bad right as you hit the stage. Cheap cables fail faster than quality ones. I do like Mogami, but they are pricier for the beginners (save those dollars kiddies). Also cable thickness actually matters, because thicker cables will have a greater run distance when you are on stage (unless you go wireless but that's gear for later) and in my experience tend to last longer. Also get guitar cables that have strain relief springs. You'll thank me later for that suggestion 😉 I have been told throughout my music life that gold plated cables mean nothing, but I'd argue that they do a better job of resisting corrosion.

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