Gibson SJ 200 vs Epiphone EJ 200 – Does $5249 Sound Better Than $459? – Acoustic Guitar Comparison

Your initial answer or thought is probably, “yes, of course it does!” But many will disagree with that sentiment altogether. A higher priced instrument doesn’t necessarily translate to “better sounding”, and sometimes the affect the price has on any object is purely psychological. Both instruments in this case are winners in our book, but Chris does have some salient points when comparing these guitars. Take a look and listen to these fine instruments and let us know what you think in the comments below. Play A Note, Change Your Life!
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35 thoughts on “Gibson SJ 200 vs Epiphone EJ 200 – Does $5249 Sound Better Than $459? – Acoustic Guitar Comparison

  1. I am not rich enough to effort Gibson or either epiphone.. but still if I was rich I would have bought gibson coz its sound is totally different and sound really clear and the best. But one disadvantage for Gibson I would say is there is no output Jack. So go for epiphone.

  2. The Gibson got better treatment from the player

    Also you can still get solid wood guitars for thousands of dollars less that would give Gibson a run for their money anyway!

  3. I've been enjoying watching your content for 3 weeks straight. I might have to drive 3 hours west and buy a guitar from you. I picked up the guitar after many years and decided it's time to be a better player. I recently bought a Godin 5th Ave but I want a good acoustic guitar to play also. This jumbo epi might be the one that fits my criteria. Please keep the videos coming as they are an excellent distraction to the happenings of our world. Mike – Houston, TX

  4. I’m a singer-songwriter and the EJ-200 was my first acoustic guitar. As I’ve gotten a bit better over the years, I upgraded to a Takamine. Ended up selling it. The EJ-200 had more character! Now I also have a Martin Road Series D10. The solid wood definitely makes a big difference, but I still enjoy playing my EJ-200 too, and honestly if I were playing a gig I might take the Epiphone. The Martin satin finish is very thin and brittle, cracks easy.

  5. The price is ridiculous anyone that says it's worth it is a little bit coocoo in the head…I heard both in real life and yes the finish on the Gibson is better but the sounds is not worth that price tag.that ephiphone is a steal plays like a dream..and no I don't own one..

  6. Did I mention the Gibson is made in America lol 😂

    I honestly thought the Epiphone sounded close . Certainly not $4000 a difference soundwise.

  7. Gibson sounds better, even here. Far more resonant, better sustain, better note articulation, richer tone.. everything. I imagine playing them or hearing them in person that these qualities of sound would only be magnified.. and just look at it.. The Gibson is a work of art! All of the appointments are pure class. Epiphone seems great for the price though for sure. To me it is instantly recognizable which guitar is superior here.

  8. would be a better demo for the same model guitars. especially since the mic is positioned in the same place, when it should be moved over a bit for the cutaway, right?

  9. I think he was low on elbow grease when he got to the epiphone. It's simple, the EJ 200 is a bargain for your buck and the SJ 200 is an unnecessary hole in your pocket.

  10. If you get what you pay for the Gibson would be 10 times better , do you really think that it's 10 times better ? I'd say , NO

  11. You don't play guitars in the same way second me becouse you want say us buy Gibson! but Epiphone Is good like the Gibson….make a true video

  12. Hmmm – playing enthusiasm seems to be subdued on the Epiphone compared to the Gibson, so that may affect it. We also don’t know what settings were used for both guitars so I don’t think it’s a fair comparison. The Gibson DOES sound fuller, though.

  13. The Gibson outshines the Epiphone in all of the strumming demos, but I thought the Epiphone sounded just as good as the Gibson in the Finger Picking demo. Hearing this, I think the Epiphone would be a much better DEAL for most people. Thanks again Chris!

  14. Epiphone is still a good guitar that could take you places it all Matters what you could do with it so dont think getting a Gibson automatically makes you a good guitar player plus Gibson is way over price you're paying for the name too so

  15. Gibson Snob. Although if I had $5000 to spend on a guitar sure I'd be snob too… 😝😝🤘🏿😷🤘🏿

  16. Video from this music store = a sales pitch – so take it for what it is…  
    Gibson sales profits, commission, quotas etc vs Epiphone!  Guess which one he wants you to get

  17. You're trying hardest strums on gibson, while on epiphone you've just play it with no feeling dude.. biased videos.

  18. Like other comments, you lack of enthusiasm when playing the epiphone was so obvious. Pretty shitty sales tactic.

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