Ernie Ball strings: Fake vs Authentic Part 1 Packaging

Âm Nhạc

Greetings! I recently purchased a fake string from a prominent mall chain (big chain in our country) near me thinking it was an authentic EB strings. I was wondering why they were cheap, 3-$4 a piece. They hardly bend and easily break. I usually use EB strings so i noticed these might be fake. I travelled 400km to our country’s capital where i usually buy strings and compared it to the ones available near me. They cost 6-$7 per piece. What i found? Yes there are fake Ernie Ball strings!! And all models of Ernie Ball have fakes! All guages and models Including the earthwood series! I searched the internet and did not find any useful source hence i made this video. Please watch out guys. The fake ones are horrible! They are cheap knockoffs that arent worth a penny!


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36 thoughts on “Ernie Ball strings: Fake vs Authentic Part 1 Packaging

  1. Aliexpress has also real ones… i have buy from some sellers who send me exactly the same as from the normal store like Bax-Music and

  2. Holy crap! I have fakes! I thought I was going crazy. I KNEW something has not been right with my last few packs. Thanks so much for posting!

  3. Yip me got caught out too …super slinky.. unravelled first string .. 9 ….. on couple of occassions .. opened another pack and there was no 9 in it .not good in middle of a gig .. had to finish last few songs with 5 strings lol . didn't realise fakes being sold . Learned a lesson here … cheers

  4. .. there is Genuine licensed ernie ball strings made in china .. the Chinese copy everything I have seen so many fake gibson's for sale on ebay and people buy them thats the crazy thing

  5. The back of my Super Slinkys looks totally different. no round seal at all. I can say that the last 3 high Es I've had have come unraveled at the ball end after about a week.

  6. So uh.. mine has "ball's" with an apostrophe, but the battle of the bands is chrome. Maybe they're just different production lines?

  7. Wanted to add some notes:

    1) Huge tip – on the fake ones I don't see "manufactured at ernie ball, inc. coachella, ca.92236 u.s.a." under the
    2) about the barcode near the fold – looks like it's true only for single string set. I have the real authentic SkinnyTopHeavyBottom 3-pack – and there's a free space between barcode edge and the fold. I guess it's because the 3-pack is obiously a little wider.

  8. P.s. the "Element shield packaging…" is inconsistent on the fakes. Some have the old EB text some have the new one. But the fake extra slinky i had really had the wrong text! Haha

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