Elon Musk Not Backing Down In Standoff Over Reopening Tesla Factory | TODAY

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The tense battle between Elon Musk and local health officials over the reopening of Musk’s Tesla factory in California is continuing, but both sides are moving closer to an agreement. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports for TODAY from Los Angeles.
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Elon Musk Not Backing Down In Standoff Over Reopening Tesla Factory | TODAY

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29 thoughts on “Elon Musk Not Backing Down In Standoff Over Reopening Tesla Factory | TODAY

  1. I want to volunteer to protect the factory from Kalifornia Fascists. We need Flynn to form a legion of citizen militias to exterminate the deep state.

  2. shadap, there are people who have sit on a packed subway or bus to feed their kids amidst this plandemic.

  3. Elon Musk is well on his way to becoming Howard Hughes it won't be long before he's sitting in a bare naked in a hotel room in a chair, he's going off his rocker and no amount of money is going to help him when he does I'll just be a pathetic old man sitting in the chair naked in a hotel room

  4. Gabrielle go find a different job, maybe pelosi will pay you to stay at home! I mean Lord knows you don't want to catch the flu you better be unemployed

  5. Bravo for protecting your business and the jobs of thousands after you did what the Governor asked…shut down to kept the curve flat so hospitals could get ready. You did that. Now the officials say it's about the data. In that case, the data shows most won't have to go to the hospital. Solution…let high risk stay safe at home and let the rest get back to living and repairing the financial devastation. Thanks for taking a stand. It's time we all get back to work. You look at the total picture. Officials are only looking at things narrowly. I can see why you are so amazing.

  6. You got a hint he was going off the rails when he named his baby after a future “Star Wars” droid.

  7. This is the guy that called one of the hero's who rescued the boys in the cave in Thailand a pedo. He does not think before he acts. But then again he will need to build lot's of cars to pay for his upcoming lawsuit from the Diver. I hope the Diver wins. Such a disgusting thing to say about another person whom he would know nothing about.

  8. His great mission for humanity hit a bump , when his billions are put at risk.
    His opinions on china are also compromised, now he has a plant in china.

  9. He has an obligation to his employees and shareholders to keep everything afloat. I'm pretty sure he had to do this.

  10. I don’t care what Elon Musk thinks. We should just ignore him. Do we really need Teslas? Who is buying cars during a pandemic?

  11. Difference between Elon and bill is the difference between a man who got rich inventing and producing and a man who’s a piece of cow dung.

  12. The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
    – Martin Luther King, Jr –

  13. If you don't want to work, then you don't have to. Others have a family to support, and the government's too busy arguing over how to solve the issue that they forgot to actually solve it.

  14. I'm going back to work on Monday. I work for one of the big 3 in Detroit. The systems they have in place seem pretty good. Plus, where I work I'll hardly even be in contact with anyone. Its more risky for me to go to the grocery store than to work. Open er up.

  15. Imagine complaining about having a job when 23% of the country is jobless. Man's been watching too much CNN

  16. I just wish that people would defend my desire to work as much as they are defending Elon Musk's choice to reopen Tesla.

  17. I agree with Elon…. the employee can go elsewhere….. he's only one dude of several that showed up.

  18. Hello Elan how wonderful Of you Stand up against Thy Government Bureaucrats I pray That You and Your Girlfriend Are well Is the Little Girl Out of Mama's Belly?My suggestion Call Her baby T 💘 Ya did ya like my Letter ? I don't know how I Knew that was you That nite It Just Happens Weird Thing's Happen I am thy Oracle BE STRONG always Toni The little Barbie LADY Aka Queen NEFFERTTI

  19. Go work safely in native country then. U don't see real American's complaining. Just the ones that want the better way of life. Until they get here!

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