elixir nanoweb, polyweb, optiweb string wear, an extremely CLOSER look!!

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in this episode Elixir strings go under the microscope or in this case under the macro lens for an extreme close up look at nanoweb coating after its been played on several months and the fuzzy looking stuff starts to appear. thanks for viewing and a thumbs up would be most appreciated! 🙂

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43 thoughts on “elixir nanoweb, polyweb, optiweb string wear, an extremely CLOSER look!!

  1. Yellow, I make all kinds of different pickguards for all kinds of guitars. I can make you a really cool Personalized Pickguard for that guitar. With your name or whatever you would like on it. Ty randy for your realness and your vids. Hmu appreciation kinda make btw.

  2. If you use the original poly webs, the OG ones, you won’t get that peeling effect. It’s the newer ones especially nano and optiwebs. They peel like a mo fo, you can see it after an hour of playing above the pickups where you pick.

  3. I wish I liked Elixir stings for the longevity but even though I've tried a few sets, I just cannot get on with them. Mainly because of the tone but the feel as well.

  4. Had polywebs on for 2 hrs, the coating started to flake. I got about 2-3 weeks of playing on them, they are ugly looking but still sound like the day I put them on! Weird… 😆

  5. Hey Randy, alway enjoy your vids…yeah, I get the same fraying even without using a pick (I brush the strings with my index finger nail, much in the style of James Taylor)…but like everyone else says, doesn’t seem to affect the tone much. I still like to change them every 30 days, only because the bass strings start to lose their resonance)

  6. Hi,Great effort you shared,keep it up.New friend here.

    i have subscribed your channel,now waiting for you!

  7. Hi Randy! great stuff as always, if you like Martin SP kind of strings for acoustics, you'll probably like the Earnie Ball Earthwood series, they sound great on a martin 000 i own, cheers!!

  8. Like the video bro. Elixers are nice. I have them on three of my guitars now.I too noticed the fuss awhile back but they still last longer than any I have tried. Say hey to Cueball for us.

  9. Hey Randy, To prevent that stringy string thing just use rubber picks, eh? On my Taylor I use elixir string, as they recommend and they do get a bit stringy but that a sign for me they need changed. I've tried other strings but the others just didn't sound as good. Other strings sound great on my other axem my Mossman but not on the Taylor. The Cue fix was Fine as frogs hair and Thanks Cue, I needed that. So Bro, Thanks Much! I am getting a few things together to send your way in the next week or two. Hope this day, Sunday the 11th is as nice there as it is here. It was 64 when I got up this morning. Take Care Youtuberjunkie King! DaveyJO

  10. Maybe Pickers Grip should also offer sound hole screens………cuz that's where my picks often go through, and I'm shaking the guitar upside down very often…..

  11. When I used to play out electric guitars I found that a little corrosion or peeling string coating actually served to tame the shrillness of single coils. As long as they held tune they were golden .

  12. Elixer claims that their coating keeps the strings from deteriorating from the oil on your fingers, but fails to mention how having hairy strings might impact the tonal quality…still they still seem to sound fairly decent for longer than most other strings I've used, hair and all:)

  13. Hi  My friend 💏💏
    very nice video 🍀🍀
    Big like ❤️106❤️ see you again 🖐️🖐️
    From KOREA🇰🇷🇰🇷

  14. Man, I knew about dirt, sweat and wear but fuzzy 😨…I hadn't thought of that…I guess they all do (Martin strings?)…Thanks Randy for the close up!

  15. I have used Elixir strings when I’ve got some on offer. I don’t use a pick so the strings last forever and don’t go hairy like this. I doubt if it will affect the tone much as most of the string is still good?

  16. I found that elixer strings are by far superior to any . Even tho they are ugly when they get old they maintain their tone .

  17. Don’t want to sound like a fan-boy or anything but I have used Elixirs for years because I used to wear out other brands really quickly. The one thing that I have noticed is that when the “fuzz” appears it does not seem to affect the tone very much. I also love the feel of them. I suppose it’s each to his own. Keep up the great videos Randy. Glad that your health has improved so much. Take care

  18. Very nice closer up capture, Randy. I can see the different between the good string and the wear out string. Awesome! 😊👍

  19. Hi randy, I like the worn look on the pick guard. It looks cool. Those frets look like rebar under the macro. Not a fan of Elixers, I'd rather pay a third of the price and change my strings twice as much. Unless I said that wrong I still come out ahead.

  20. My high-end acoustics like Elixir Phosphor Bronze Nanoweb or D'addario EXP phosphor bronze. It just depends on the guitar. I don't have problems with either brand. What sounds terrible is Martin Lifespan Coated strings or Cleartone strings. I tried Elixir nanoweb electrics and do not like them. I much prefer GHS Nickle Rockers or even Ernie Ball if I have to. Looking forward to trying the D'addario half-round electrics. This is just me. We all have our own preferences. Cheers.

  21. Looks like the plastic coating falling off. I use elixer as well and just love the feel and tone. I noticed the pick area turns black for me. But I have black nylon picks and I do finger style. I don't really notice this fuzz in feel or tone. For me the feel is in my fret hand. I would guess all.of the coated strings wear this way. But sticking with my elixer.

  22. That's interesting to say the least. I tried Elixir strings for acoustic back when they first hit the market, during my gigging years, and I really tried to like them, but they just felt to "wimpy" to me ( not enough string tension ). I always relied on the Martin Marquis strings in 12 guage for all of my acoustic guitars. The Marquis sounded so much fuller & lasted longer than any other I ever tried. Even the heavier guage Elixir strings felt more like "rubber bands" to me, as far as actual string tension during playing. To each his/her own of course, but that's just me. My former "bandmate/partner" in our acoustic duo act spanning 9 years didn't much care for the Elixir's either, and I never met a guitarist that could play lead acoustic so well, he could literally perform many of Stevie Ray Vaughan's tunes & especially the solo's, and absolutely nailed it. On acoustic guitar no less. ( the man was truly a master lead player on electric OR acoustic ) I figured he would like the Elixir's for that reason ( a LOT of string bending on acoustic ), but he too, felt they didn't have enough tension for some reason. But I know a lot of guitarist's really like em.

  23. Several months of playing? It's time my friend to replace them Elixirs. I can't get a week out of the regular wound strings.Peace

  24. You build magnetic fields with the pickups and the frequency of the strings in the magnetic fields developed by playing.

  25. Randy, that lookslike metal particles sticking to a magnetized string. If you use a demagnetizing probe down the strings it will clear off all the metal particles I think. They used to use the probes on tape player heads etc to accomplish the same thing.

  26. Good video Randy!!!!!!!!))) I had some of that coating to come off the. Strings one time!!🎸🎸🎸👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😊

  27. Used the same strings on all my guitars, electric and acoustic. I am an armchair guitarist so don’t use my guitars seriously!!!!! Not great life if I am honest for the amount of playing and cost… Nice job on the review… 👍🐨🇦🇺

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