Electric Strings on Acoustic

Âm Nhạc

There are great reasons you should consider using “the wrong strings” on your acoustic guitar.. Or even semi acoustic.. If you use a magnetic pickup ever.. Wound 3rd nickel wound strings. I currently have D’addario exl110w which is a 10-46 on my Yamaha F310

But also.. Since this is a guitar I bought for stupid cheap.. $20 with some broken parts and needing a neck reset.. I had actually packed EVERYTHING needed to have it playing the same day..

I’m using a 3 element piezoelectric pickup a Magnetic – Mic soundhole and I’m plugged into a Peavey MicroBASS and later also a Microcube GX.

I also bring out a Beavercreek BCR501 with an under saddle piezo just to round out the acoustic pickup options..

Anyhow. Thanks if you’re reading this far.

Happy Holidays

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