Don't Starve Together MODS Zoro – NTG2

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The greatest swordsman is now in the Don’t Starve Universe!

He wields 3 swords; all named and each have their own perks. He’s a really strong attacker, has a ranged and non ranged weapon + bonus stat giving items. He’s pretty op when it comes to fighting but be prepared for his greatest downside before playing him 😉

Zoro’s stats:
200 Health
200 Hunger
175 Sanity

Items only useable by Zoro:
Wado Ichimonji – This is a sword item which he holds in his mouth. (gives 50% dmg absorb + little sanity)
Shusui – A ranged sword which inflicts 60 dmg. When you use, it drains 4 hunger and 1 health per shot.
Sandai Kitetsu – Sword which inflicts 45 dmg (cuts wood as well).
Sheaths – Works as a custom backpack.

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