Don't Starve Shipwrecked ►How To Fix Your Mods!◀ Mods/Tutorial

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Don’t Starve Shipwrecked Mods – This video will show you how to fix your mods to work with Shipwrecked
shipwrecked_compatible = true
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CPU: Intel i7-4790k @4 GHz


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15 thoughts on “Don't Starve Shipwrecked ►How To Fix Your Mods!◀ Mods/Tutorial

  1. this is not helping with my problem i need to fix "modsscreen" (it's actually typed as modsscreen)

  2. I have a weird crash happening with musha. everytime I use valkyrie mode I crash. these lines are true. I tried disabled but nope. same story with crashes.musha is the only one enabled. DST works perfect. DS doesn't.

  3. How To Fix Your Mods ( food values ) . You must go to mods-modinfo- and now change number of prioryti (you can see this number in another modinfo)

  4. My mod problem is very much different Im afraid. When ever I try to make a world with ANY mod (Yes, they are shipwreck compatable) like the Musha mod for example, I get a "out of memory" message or my game just closes. My pc does have enough memory, specs ect to play with mods on Don't Starve because I used to do it before. But once I bought shipwrecked, I wasn't able to use mods on RoG nor SW, but vanilla still works fine.

  5. Skye, thanks for the tip.  Maybe you'd consider a video providing hints and tips you've experienced in Don't Starve Shipwrecked that might be useful to other players.

  6. you have to trail and error though since some mods cause crashes when you board the boats or let the game crash at loading/starting a game and some just don't work at all since the new items aren't in the mod itself

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