Don't Starve Mod Spotlight: Writhe [Beta]

Tổng Hợp

Jon shows off Nik Mik’s latest character mod!
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Music: Kevin MacLeod (, and Hat Films (
Sound effects by Sound Bible (
Artwork by Hiiragi ( ABOUT JARDEV

JaRDev is a gaming channel that consists of best friends Jon and Robby playing games together and having a great time. We cover many different types of games, from indie survival games like Don’t Starve, to more popular AAA games such as Hearthstone and Far Cry. The channel began by creating mod spotlights for the game Don’t Starve, but eventually changed its focus to focus more on cooperative let’s plays and series of first impressions and reviews.

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30 thoughts on “Don't Starve Mod Spotlight: Writhe [Beta]

  1. Thanks for watching the video everyone! If you enjoy the content, here's a couple of playlists you might like too!

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  2. Absolutely no body
    Write: flammy wammy thingado
    But legit I wanna know his examinations on special things in adventure mode not gonna spoil anything

  3. Shadow creatures aren't "them". They are ancients corrupted by "them". And that makes this character make even more sense. You know. Corrupted ancient who didn't lose his sentience.

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