Don't Starve Halloween Mod Challenge

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A collection of community made mods for Don’t Starve. All available for free. Download links below!

DS Halloween Mods on Steam:

DS Halloween Mods on Forum:

DS Halloween Challenge Post:

ColeenMcLeod, tehMugwump, Afro1967, Blackbow, jimmeh57, TheDanaAddams, Squeek, Malacath, ElAguilar, Irontaco, Craig_Perry, soul, Malacath’s brother, Woscar the Impaler, Lawrence, Nycidian, LibertyOfTheAether, TheOnlyOne, TeoSS69, DragonBoy36, Blewcheese, Cacahuatoforo, Nycidian, debugman18, xxM0rtexx, Spooky Rust, KidneyBeanBoy


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38 thoughts on “Don't Starve Halloween Mod Challenge

  1. Wilton….?
    Also Is Wortey Wilson's Son? Both Holding And Torturing Chickens, Look The Same, Yeah…

  2. Well, now we can say the Klei is aware that people are trying their hardest to put those unimplemented characters in. Hey Klei, do you EVER plan on adding those characters? (Also the other characters like Winnie, Wortox, etc.)

  3. 1:41 Fucki** Old Strange man that when you Touch him or see his face It results that is A MONSTER THAT SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR ASS!!!

  4. wilton? but he is even in the game codes why you put it like a mod you can even spawn it with the console

  5. dear Klei entertainment ,
    are they going to be new updates for the ps4 console editions in the near future?

  6. I truly belive that one day don't starve will become one of the best (if not THE best) survive games and will reach the level of famous that minecraft have, and its because they always making it better and more and more content and dlc are still coming out, keep it up! Klei.

  7. Dear Klei, When will there be a new update.
    Also I bought this game on Amazon so I don't think I can get mods which sucks a bit.

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