Do Stringjoy guitar strings live up to the hype?

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The biggest variable in your guitar tone is strings. And few things can kill the joy of playing guitar like terrible strings on your guitar.

The dudes at Stringjoy reached out and sent me some strings for me to try out and I’ve been blown away by their balance and tone. They are killer and you should check them out.

You have to find guitar strings that die gracefully, the jarring change is often what scares people off most.

Check them out here!

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23 thoughts on “Do Stringjoy guitar strings live up to the hype?

  1. You need to try Santa Cruz Parabolic strings, you will be amazed. I’ve always used Elixir which are great but then I tried Santa Cruz and wow I’m converted.

  2. Guitar sounded 100% better with the old strings. The new stings sounded all zingy and metallic, it even sounded a little like maybe the action on the guitar was too low also. Maybe those strings will sound better after a day or two. Would be interesting hear the after a day or two on the guitar.

  3. I normally use D'Addario EJ16's and EXP16's. I actually ordered two sets of Stringjoy's light gauge strings just the other day to try them out.

  4. I used StringJoy for a few years and loved them. Great guys. I started trying Martin Retros and haven’t really used anything since. I’ll have to try them out again. Great video.

  5. A single bakery makes all their pasteries in the same place, using a lot of the same ingredients, but the results can be drastically different. Same with car manufacturing plants. Same factory, many interchange parts: some cars are better than others.

  6. I've been using Newtone Heritage, 13-55 on all my acoustic guitars.. they are low tension and sound great initially, only they do seem to die within a couple weeks. I usually clean my strings with a little alcohol and steel wool, most strings come back to life but the NT Heritage don't respond well to cleaning. Have you tried low tension strings? If so, how would you compare them to the Stringjoy Balanced strings? Really loved SOB strings, used them for many years but the company changed hands a couple years ago and are not the same strings. Question Jeremy, is that the same M38 you're selling on Reverb? If so, why no pictures of the back of the guitar? 🙂 Anyway, I will try a couple sets of the Stringjoy brand, thanks for your great informative videos! Awesome stuff!

  7. I was in the Martin factory several year's ago and watched them make their own strings right there in the factory in Nazerith, Pennsylvania. I think they started having them made some where else a few years later. But at this time they made them in there guitar factory. I hope you have a blessed week.Thanks for sharing your video.

  8. I tried Stringjoy strings on a few guitars. Not bad but I currently on the nickel bandwagon and am really liking the d’addario nickel bronze strings.

  9. I am not a fan of coated strings, I mainly use the Eric Clapton Martins. They break in fairly quick, and seem to hold up well, and i like the tone a lot.

  10. I really depends on the guitar, but for my main guitar (because it is my only guitar haha), a Taylor 816, Elixir Nano Phosphor Bronze 13-56 sound best. I have been wanting to try a set of the HD on it and probably will in the future. I have tried several other strings and keep going back to the Elixir.

  11. Jeremy, I haven't watched the video yet, but I look forward to doing so. I want to mention this beforehand. I've had Stringjoy strings on one of my electrics and have high praise for them. I've recommended them to others. I'll be ordering more from them in the immediate future. I hope you find them pleasing. – Chris G.

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