Diamond green sparkly Imperial – This guitar has haunted my dreams for a full year!

Âm Nhạc

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I spotted this guitar last winter NAMM and ive been thinking about it all year, In this video I finally get to play it and hear how it sounds. I think its……

Coast Sonic –
D’addario –
Harmony –
Line 6 –
Singular Sound –

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32 thoughts on “Diamond green sparkly Imperial – This guitar has haunted my dreams for a full year!

  1. That guitar reminds me of a pretzel thin. flat, crunchy, redesigned to be even tastier than the original. 😋

  2. Wow 😳
    Wish their blue & silver model came with that sparkle!✨Or an aqua blue.
    Love how thin it is.

  3. Ryan sure does showcase some very neat stuff ! This guitar sells factory direct for $899 USD. Packed with Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro II jazz pups, Grover tuners and a magnificent sparkle finish!

  4. I thought that this green sparkler was interesting enough to follow your link to the Diamond web pages. Whoever is designing for Diamond is a big talent ; their shapes and colors are outstanding. But you should know (since you offer a link to that site) that when I started selecting models to look closer , I couldn't find a single model in stock. I find it suspicious when a guitar company with that spread of models has absolutely nothing for sale. When my order comes in are Diamond's elves going to jump out of their chairs and make a guitar just for me? I can see these instruments selling well but nobody's guitars sell so well that they can't show you something that you can buy. If there is a waiting list for any particular instrument , you'd think that Diamond would have a spot on their site where you could join the queue. The guitars look amazing but my interest left me feeling like something is wrong with Diamond…

  5. Reminds me of those dune buggy cars at the carnival in the 60s and 70s.that sparkle paint job.great sounding guitar. Do you like the sound of a humbucker over a single coil in surf music? Peace…

  6. What must trumpet players or any brass or woodwind players feel that their instrument looks the same no matter who makes it. They must be so jealous that they cannot make a fashion statement with their instrument beyond the essence of the generality of a horn.

  7. I have been eye fucking that guitar since I saw the thumbnail. I'd probably put in a set/combo of Seymour Duncan Psyclone/Phat Cat pups in there.

  8. You just have to get hold of the new Epi Uptown Cat. an Epi original NOT a Gibson wanna-be.
    The PU's are original Spec Firebird designed with the help of Jo Bonamassa in short dead on. It is a single cut cutaway semi.

  9. Yes it's me. You are right the guitar is great.The cool thing about the guitars you like they are neither in or out of fashion and never will be. BUT everyone secretly loves them but think it is not cool to NOT buy this years fashion. Me I would probably change the PU's the day I got it but …then…done!

  10. God, this sparkle! So good.

    Btw, Zelinsky the man makes guitars literally under his name these days, plenty of cool guitars, though pretty sure all of them not up your alley haha. Diamond was called DBZ before but Dean left them quite a while ago.

  11. Yea, buy it and fix it. How do you talk your parents into that? You've worked and saved to buy your dream guitar, your folks agree (kind of), then you tell them that on top of that, you need to fix it! Not the nicest sounding sale item!

  12. How in the holy hell am I supposed to play this guitar with both of my hands covered in spluge? I mean, surely, my pants should have caught some of it, yet my hands are covered in the hot sticky! Freakin' WOW, what a flipping fantastic looking guitar! I should have brought a few rolls of paper towels, like I was a boss at a hurricane assistance photo op! Shit man, that's just beyond beautiful. So many nice features too!.

  13. NAMM ended three weeks ago, how are you still doing live feeds or are you just treating these as live…

  14. I've been looking at this one since you and HP42 made a video of it last year… Finally get to hear it! Thanks!

  15. Very nice guitar I’m having trouble with my Gibson stand SG it goes out of tune very quickly maybe after one song any help how to fix it will be greatly appreciate because it pisses me right off totally I’m thinking very seriously of selling it it’s a 2018 model cheers

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