David Wilcox – Underneath – Down Here

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David Wilcox: vocals, acoustic guitar, baritone guitar, vibrolon
Michael Rhodes: bass
Steuart Smith: electric guitar
Byron House: upright bass
Tymoard: hodgini, shekere, djembe, kyobango, lurembo, sudo, elzzis
Victor Wooten: bass
Chad Cromwell: drums
Alison Krauss: viola
Sonny Landreth: slide guitar
Bill Miller: courtship flute
Tim-Lauer: harmonium, accordian, piano
Larry Chaney: electric guitar
Reese Wynans: B-3, Wurlitzer
Gary Nicholson: National guitar, electric guitar
Kirk Whalum: soprano sax
Owen Hale: drums
Garrett Doyle: uilleann pipes
Tom Roady: percussion
Steve Buckingham: transitone guitar, Vox Continental
Wolof Walo Walo Drum Ensemble
Also thanks to Greg Crutcher

Background Vocals: Jennifer Kimball, Alison Krauss,
Ashley Cleveland, Robert Bailey, Vicki Hampton,
Duawne Starling, Ioul Yelnnun

Jennifer Kimball appears courtesy of
Imaginary Road Records/Polygram Classics & Jazz
Alison Krauss appears courtesy of Rounder Records
Kirk Whalum appears courtesy of Warner Brothers Records
Ashley Cleveland appears courtesy of 204 Records
Bill Miller appears courtesy of Sol Record

© 1999 Vanguard Records
Produced by Steve Buckingham
Production Assistant: Jennie Carey
Engineers: Gary Paczosa, Toby Seay, & Sabar Balo
Additional Engineering on “Home Within Your Heart” by Jim Dineen
Mixed by Gary Paczosa
Recorded at: L’Abbeville, Houma, Louisiana and
The Doghouse, Caleb, Tennessee
Mastered by Denn Purcél, Georgesbourg,
Ile DeLa Gonave, Haiti

Photography by Nancy Lee Andrews
Design by Carol Farrar Norton, Atlanta
Creative Services: Georgette Cartwright

David Wilcox plays guitars made by James Olson, strung up with D’Addario strings. Thanks to Richard McClish for making his RMC pick-ups, and to Milton Kyser for making the best capos in the world.

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