Danocaster (Ron Ellis Equipped) Blackguard Demo – ASK ZAC EP 3

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I have a deep love of Telecasters and Telecaster-style guitars. In late 2019, I received my special ordered Danocaster Blackguard with a Ron Ellis 52T (Bridge) and a Julian Lage (Neck) pickup. I demonstrate the Danocaster and also shares of my long friendships with both Dan Strain and Ron Ellis, and share what makes them both such in-demand creators of fantastic musical tools.

If you are interested in a Danocaster guitar, follow him on Instagram. There he lists instruments that he builds. He is not currently doing custom builds, only what he posts on Instagram is available for sale.

Find more info at:

Reach out to Ron Ellis via t2ellis(at)pacbell.net

Strings – D’Addario 9.5-44

Nguồn: https://nhahangchay.org

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27 thoughts on “Danocaster (Ron Ellis Equipped) Blackguard Demo – ASK ZAC EP 3

  1. Danocaster makes the most realistic looking relics on the market hands down. Dan has even given me advice on aging and even referred me to where he gets his pickguards. I can't think of anyone else that would reveal trade secrets to some random guy on the internet. That just shows me what kind of person he is, and thinks to his help, I've been able to build a lot of great relic guitars myself.

  2. Had Dan build a “Keef” tele for me—loved it so much that i ordered a single cut, double cut and an offset. At the time I had no idea that Dan would be closing up his shop shortly after i got my guitars. I have never been so happy with guitar purchases than those three, especially when I knew they would be my last danocasters. Dan was a great guitar builder and a lovely guy to deal with. Wherever he is, I hope he is doing well and he and his family are staying safe—those guitars have helped me forget about the madness this world is suffering through on more times than i can count

  3. I thought my Tele pickups were the best tone beast ever, I was wrong. Wow, that’s all I can say, I’m Speechless.

  4. Zac… I RECENTLY PURCHASED A DRRI… WHAT MODS CAN I have done to bring it as close as possible to a vintage 65. My reissue deluxe reverb is a 65 reissue… Thank you

  5. I have a 2015 Danocaster Double Cut. It's still the best playing guitar I have. Never letting that one go – it's exceptional.

    This one sounds fantastic.

  6. I’ve been trying to get my grubby mitts on any of his guitars but they are impossible to find, unless you want to drop $4k.

  7. My Dad and I have been on the lookout around Nashville to find a Danocaster in a store for probably over 10 years now. Still haven’t ran across one. We’re dying to play one in person. One day it’ll happen 🤞🏼🤞🏼 excellent video, and the sound is gorgeous!

  8. Hi Zac: Just saw this site. I've been a big fan of your True Tone spot so this was a nice find. One question hasn't Dan gone out of the guitar manufacturing business. I think I heard about that last year and I thought what a shame. The pricing on the guitars were reasonable. Any guitar I've heard, yours included, have sounded fantastic and the players swear by them.


  9. I had one of Dan's earlier telecasters, though it was a 60s style. Frankly, I'm not a tele guy, so I don't regret selling it. What I wasn't a fan of though was I had hoped it would go to someone who could appreciate it when I sold it for what I paid for it (which even at the time wasn't super pricey for one) and a certain major retailer bought it with a shell account and I saw it posted up for something like 600 more than I had asked for within a week. Really good guitar, had the bass end of a cannon; Im just more into Les Pauls for that kind of sound.

    Great sounding demo btw. Julian is my favorite younger player so if I were going to get a tele pickup set, I'd certainly go for that. I hear he's playing a Nacho these days if not a vintage one, but of course he had that white Dano he gave to Margaret Glaspy.

    Like the shirt too

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