Daniel Lanois – Guitar Power

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Daniel Lanois is a Canadian record producer and multi-instrumentalist, known for his collaborations with U2, Bob Dylan and Neil Young.

Watch as he talks about his unique sound and technique on this week’s episode of Guitar Power, hosted by Dweezil Zappa.

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35 thoughts on “Daniel Lanois – Guitar Power

  1. I have a number of the lanois solo CDs. Theyre not all great but his best stuff is extraordinary and I can always come back to it.

  2. Anyone know what the little finger switch Daniel has on his guitar is? It is not a standard pedal steel thing as far as I can tell.

  3. wow, this was wonderful. thanks world…. for being amazing. thanks d'addario and co. thanks dweezle and daniel. the world is larger with you in it.

  4. I've been a fan of Lanois's work for decades. His Acadie and the Neville's Yellow Moon are all time favorites. That said, I never knew that steel was his first instrument. His sound makes so much more sense now.

  5. The way Daniel Lanois plays Pedal Steel and Guitar and the tone he derives from it, just cuts right to the soul. So expressive!

  6. I now have the graphic formula to Lanois' sound!
    A layer of brick
    A layer of jello
    A layer of porcupines holding hands
    A layer of Canadian maple syrup
    Some dust from a Deep South crossroads
    And just a touch of fresh mountain air!

  7. The dude doing the interview looked like he started playing guitar 3 weeks ago and won a competition to jam with his Idol.

  8. check out Willie Nelson's Album Teatro. It is some of the best from Daniel in my opinion….YT search "My Own Peculiar Way" or "I Never Cared For You" or "The Maker"

  9. Great video, will hopefully expose a lot of people to pedal steel… The thing that everybody calls a keyboard guitar or a zither at first glance 😂.

  10. Would love to see Daniel and fellow Canadian Joey Landreth work together. Can’t imagine what type of tones and sounds they would come up with.

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