Danelectro "Stock '59" guitar – demo by RJ Ronquillo

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If you were a fly on the wall at the old New Jersey Danelectro factory, you would see a guitar that looked just like this! Fresh from the “tone vault” of the 1950’s.

2 Lipstick Pickups
Double Cutaway
Master Volume and Tone Control
Natural Maple Neck with Lacquer Finish
Original Swivel Bridge

Amp: Suhr PT100
Pedals: Mythos Pedals Herculean V2, NativeAudio Midnight phaser

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My Gear
★ Two Notes Torpedo Live Digital Loadbox/Speaker Simulator –
★ Cioks DC-10 Power Supply –
★ D’Addario NYXL Strings –
★ Picks! Dunlop Tortex TIII, Purple, 1.14mm –
★ Sinasoid Cables –

Camera Gear
★ Canon EOS Rebel T5i –
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★ Canon EOS M6 Mirrorless –
★ Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens –
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44 thoughts on “Danelectro "Stock '59" guitar – demo by RJ Ronquillo

  1. RJ – thanks, loving your content, now mining some older stuff. Great playing as always – seems like a bottomless pit of ideas and references. And I just noticed that when you're deep in the "zone" your guitar face is a lot like Brad Mehldau's "in it" face: like you're sucking on a slice of lemon. I love that.

  2. ok for the slide guitar course , a teisco et-200, a teisco decca with gold foils or a michael kelly patriot supreme les paul style guitar with seymour duncan pearly gate and a custom custom in the bridge ?

  3. I saw RJ demo on the Guild white aristocrat, and off that demo I thought it was my dream guitar. Now, I honestly just realized it was me wanting to play like RJ 😅

  4. Maybe the 20th time I listened to this. And I made my wife listen tonight. She loved it too. Danelectro doesn’t pay you enough.

  5. For a plastic, and so so cheap of a guitar, the Danelectros look so great, aesthetically, to me. And the Coco-cola red & white, along with the upside-down Coca-Cola bottle headstock…mmmmm, so tasty. And it sounds killer too! I'm sure it could sound great for more than just Kashmir, too. I think, as a single coil basic / all-round riffer it rivals the Telecaster in every way.

    In fact…what other guitar model could you say that about? That its an even alternative to a Tele? Even the bridge has got good bite. 6:28 thru to end.

  6. Damn…. Clicked to listen to del 59…. That beginning riff ..woa. showed my son the vid and told him that's playing with feeling. Great stuff

  7. if I mimick yr facial expressions, does the guitar play then come by itself? just kidding 🙂 loved it all the way, thanks…

  8. Isn't this the model Jimmy Page played in the 60's only it was black? https://guitar-review.info/jimmy-page-plays-danelectro-59-earls-court-1975/

  9. Great Job R.J as usual , but my jaw literally hit the floor when I realized you were playing Kasmir in standard tuning I had a mid 90's 59 Dano and was sorry I ever sold it I will be replacing it with one of the new ones soon. 🙂

  10. don't get me wrong nothing wrong with Dan Electro's old ones or new ones. but clearly in the hands of a great guitar player fantastic nice playing

  11. Dude that was insane !!! I could listen to you all day !!! You are a huge inspiration and I love your playing. Rock on man!!! 🤘

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