D'Addario & Elixir Review

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Comparison review between D’Addario’s and Elixir’s

Playing a Morgan Monroe MN DLX.


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20 thoughts on “D'Addario & Elixir Review

  1. I have found that guitars are kinda like guns. Each one is a little different and "likes" different strings, just as guns might prefer one load over another. My Martin HD28 loves the lifespan sp 7200's and a custom I have likes the D'Addario's better.

  2. The Elixir's appear to have a smoother balance in the tonality of your style. However I enjoy the bright response of the D'Addario's in your flatpicking. I have both Taylor and Martin guitar. You should try a set of GHS high Phosphorus Bronze Boomers for clarity and volume. I always use 80/20 in my Bluegrass picking!

  3. I think while the Elixir strings have a newer sound they are new and the D'Addario strings have more dynamics overall. Still the best string for your money and I don't know anyone here in Nashville that leaves their strings on more than a couple weeks frankly.

  4. I like that song your working on . I never know what strings i like . I have a set of Martin Retro im going to put on soon . I love bluegrass .

  5. Your a really good guitarist my friend, once again respect, watching you just fuels my fire to accelerate further and play with soul and heart, I'm timid and shy when people ask me to play and it's a fear I can not seem to face I wish I knew how your so confident so I could play in front of a camera with ease and let go, for me elixirs they are just great, I don't use normal tuning though I use Eb tuning more bends and slightly easier action if you need to use standard E tuning use a capo guys hehe 🙂

  6. elixir are the best.. D'addarios suck balls didn't like them, sounded ok when first on but elixirs sound amazing,, and stay amazing

  7. My personal take on Elixir vs. D'Addario… Elixir's are very even sounding and therefore are great for studio recording… However, I think D'Addario have better dynamics, and are better for live sound. Just a thought… Come on you great debaters, weigh in here!

  8. Hello Guitarpreneur!  Quick question for you.  Why don't you fingerpick, like playing fingerstyle.  I notice you pluck individual strings with a pick.  When playing with your fingers you can play faster and its probably easier.  What is the difference and does it just come down to preference?   btw sounds awsome 🙂

  9. Elixir is not a string manufacturer. They are a brand that provides the coating. The strings they use are D'Addario and GHS. The only difference between EXP and Elixirs are Elixirs are coated after they are wound and D'Addario are coated before.

  10. I thought I'd try Elixir (usually use D'Addario) because of the claim that they stay bright for so long. Unfortunately I never found out because two of them broke as soon as I fitted them to my guitar. I've been playing for over 50 years and I can honestly say it's never happened to me before. Back to D'Addario for me. I should say that the strings were resonator strings for my Dobro – and, heavier gauge than usual! On a brighter note, I received an immediate, no quibble refund from Amazon.

  11. Eric, why are my elixirs buzzing?, is this kinda normal? I went to the custom light witch martin had in diadariao, will it wear off?

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