Convert Kindle to PDF, update DRM plugin (2020 version), Calibre, remove locked by DRM or protection

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This is the most updated version of DeDRM plugin. Absolutely free; update the old DRM to the new April 2020 release. This will assist you in getting removing DRM protection issue.

For those who are unsure how this works, please check our earlier tutorial video – “Convert Kindle Books to PDF using free software?” [ – You can directly follow the steps as in this earlier video and skip this tutorial because you can install the updated version of DeDRM.

Hope it helps.


Download the plugin :


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16 thoughts on “Convert Kindle to PDF, update DRM plugin (2020 version), Calibre, remove locked by DRM or protection

  1. I don't know. I've tried doing what you say in both of your recent video's and what others have said in your comments and nothing works. I give up

  2. Hi! Can you please help me convert the file? It does not seem to be converting for me. Could I email it to you?
    Thank you 🙂

  3. Hello,
    Your both DeDRM Plug-ins are broken giving error that top-level_init don't exist. Kindly fix it. For everyone else please download latest unbroken Update it from until its updated.

  4. I have also tried, I have used Calibre for many years and using Apprentice Alf's DRM remover have successfully converted many books; unfortunately, Amazon may have changed their format because now the file in Calibre reads KFX-zip and not just KFX. It won't convert even after installing the new DRM remover from your site. Any ideas?

  5. I bought a kfx and no solutions including this one work to convert my kfx ebook into a damned pdf. (Thanks anyway but it didn t help me).

  6. Hello, could you help me converting a file please? It is impossible for me to convert it into pdf! Thanks!

  7. Hello, could you help me convert a file, could I send it to some email? it is impossible for me to do it on my own 🙁

  8. Hi sir
    Can you please…. download these Two books ( 1 ).8121933506
    ( 2 )8121942874
    My exam have left few month and I have no money….So…. please……
    Email :-

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