Classical Gutiar Water Damaged!!!

Âm Nhạc

Some of my guitars were damaged in the house flood!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Classical Gutiar Water Damaged!!!

  1. You need to detune the guitar to release tension on the soundboard and let it dry other wise the top will start to concave in worth. If it was sitting In Water for more then 30 minutes you may want to make sure it doesn't start to rot from the inside its all bare wood inside. Good luck man hope your able to save some of them.

  2. Hey Jason got some questions for you, hopefully I can get some good feed back. I been playing for a couple years now electric and acoustic guitar. I started to get into Mariachi guitar through norteno/Banda/ariel Camacho-ish music. My question is do the techniques Mariachi guitarist use apply to other regional Musica Mexicanas? Been practicing waltz , polka, and bolero tempos hoping it helps get out of the 4/4 world. Let me know youre thoughts. Currently using a 6 string steel acoustic.

  3. my theory is that one area dont know where, in the guitar the water built up and there is an area that has a high content of water, so there is no solid or even echo. So it gathered water in an area and is not evenly dry. Maybe take the strings off release the tension so the wet wood does not get manipulated. Then allow it to acclimate and re dry or acclimate evenly. may take some months or longer. i have no idea but good luck. There is more to look out for, but one comment i haad

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